Advice to newcomers from a mature, experienced submissive

  • January 16, 2019

I am not a newcomer to BDSM or to enjoying sessions with professional Mistresses. I’ve been enjoying BDSM for more than 40 years.

I do remember being a newcomer all those years ago though. I remember – with some shame – making an appointment with a Mistress and not showing up because I was too nervous about being tied up by a complete stranger. I remember telling a Mistress all about my fantasies, then on the day of the appointment realising that actually I probably couldn’t take the severe things that I’d asked for. Do you recognise any of this in yourself? Some of you probably will. I am older and wiser now, and if I make an appointment with a Mistress, I always turn up for it. That is because I do a lot of research before visiting a Mistress.

I wish there was a Mistress like Mistress V when I started out in the wonderful world of BDSM. As well as being seriously good at what she does, Mistress V is a very kind lady. Why does that matter? It matters because her innate kindness makes her want you to enjoy every second of the time that you spend with her. And you can tell that she loves what she does.

Mistress V takes immense pride in knowing that by the end of the session, you are fully satisfied. She will talk to you before the session, to get inside your head, something that she is incredibly good at. If on the day of the session, you realise you have asked for more than you can cope with, you can tell her, and she will be happy that you’ve told her. But if you don’t tell her, she will quickly find out for herself and tailor the session accordingly, rather than continue doing things that she knows you aren’t enjoying.

Mistress V will slowly, carefully and sensually take you into the wonderful place that is subspace, so that you enjoy an out of this world experience that few, if any, others can match.

For the last 2 years, I have only sessioned with Mistress V, in spite of the fact that it is almost a 4 hour round trip from where I live to Mistress V’s wonderfully well equipped multi roomed and lovingly assembled chambers.

Mistress V realises that not everyone wants pain, and she loves the sensual side of domination. She can also be very sadistic, for those who enjoy that. But above all, Mistress V is very kind, and it is that kindness and its resultant desire to satisfy your cravings which makes her the best Mistress I have ever met.

Whether you are a newcomer to BDSM or as experienced as I am, you will find no-one better than Mistress V. If you want more confirmation of her expertise, you might want to read her other testimonials

Happy Days!

  • January 10, 2019

What a fantastic couple of days I’ve had. A mixture of old and new clients all week as well as a couple of novices.

My first session yesterday morning (weds) was at 9.30 with a newbie hard sports slave! Before my slave was due to arrive I had a strong black coffee – the perfect laxative, and it wasn’t long before I could feel its effect.

I had another 20 mins to wait. I didn’t think I could last that long as the urge to go was getting more and more intense lol. Squeezing my bum cheeks together I held on.

He was soon ringing the doorbell. I opened the door and ordered him upstairs.

At this point I was ready to explode! No time for chit chat he wants my shit and boy is he going to get it haha!

“Get stripped off and lie on the plastic sheet. I’ve been holding on to his package for too long now so you need to be quick!!”

He was on the floor mouth wide open and as I  stood above him I parted my bum cheeks wide.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes Mistress”

Even if he wanted to back out he couldn’t as it was out!

“I hope you’re not going to just twirl it around in your mouth!! You need to swallow it!! All of it!!!”

He did as instructed. I then lowered my bum down onto his tongue.

“Now clean it!!!”

Perfect Wednesday morning. Breakfast was definitely served hot!!

First Visit – WOW!

  • January 10, 2019

Tuesday morning & I visited Mistress V for the first time, it was several years since I last visited a Domme – & it felt to me just like my first time – I was nervous.

She welcomed me to her discreet property & lead me upstairs, showing me the various rooms she uses, then took me to one room & we chatted openly about what I wanted (CBT, tie & tease), & the nervous feelings disappeared, she put me totally at my ease.

She is very beautiful & sexy & made me feel very comfortable.

She left the room, telling me to get ready (naked) & to enter her dungeon, on all fours, once she rang the bell.

I trembled with excitement awaiting the bell!!

Ring, ring & off I crawled into her room, where she sat upon her throne, & ordered me to worship her boots.

Eventually I was ordered to stand & she inspected me …..thoroughly & gently……….then thwack, as her hand slapped my cock, I jumped & she laughed.

She continued teasing my body & my cock with her hands sending me to the edge, only to be brought back with another slap.

Mistress continued the exquisite torment with a whip & then a feather……….

Then I was placed in a penis pillory – it was very clear that mistress knew how to torture, tease & torment a man – my cock squashed & in pain yet remained rock hard.

All the time mistress was clearly enjoying everything she did, her eyes demanded & held my gaze.

With great relief mistress released me from the pillory & marched me to another room, leading me by my cock, & ordered me to lay on a bench.

She bent over me & whispered, so sweetly, “now time for some E-Stim” & attached 2 rings around my cock.

“tell me when you feel it” I was ordered & eventually a shock went through my cock, no words were needed to tell Mistress that I felt it, as the twitching of my cock told her all she needed to know.

The sensations were literally electric – & I swear my cock has never been so hard or swollen – all the time Mistress smiled sweetly at me, as she made my cock dance & my body tense & jump – I couldn’t have asked her to stop if I had wanted, my cock was totally in Mistress V’s control & I was simply her plaything.

Eventually Mistress allowed me release & I was in mistress heaven.

Looking forward to my next session already.

Slave P

Double Domme with Mistress Raven

  • January 8, 2019

On Saturday 2nd February 2019, I will be holding Double Domme sessions with Mistress Raven at Mistress Raven’s chambers in Rotherham. Ring Me on 07766 261 671 to book a session.

A non-refundable deposit will be required to confirm a booking.

A Testimonial after a wonderful session for both of us

  • January 5, 2019

Every aspect of receiving CP from Mistress V is completely intoxicating. She decides when the strap will be administered, and the summons arrives. My emotions are a mix of excitement and apprehension as I arrive at her door.

We greet each other and she kisses me on both cheeks A moment of tenderness before the ordeal to come. After a few minutes of catch-up conversation, the mood changes. Her tone becomes firmer and quietly commanding and I’m ordered to change into the delicate white, silky, frilly lingerie that affirms me as her obedient submissive sissy who must be regularly leathered with the strap. Duly dressed, I’m ordered over the punishment bench and Mistress takes great care in fastening all the restraints tightly, ensuring there can be no squirming or wriggling during my ordeal. As a natural submissive I love this moment. Knowing my white, milky bottom is obediently presented, just waiting for Mistress to inflict her patterns of pain. In a few moments my frilly knickers will be taken down, and I’ll be ordered to beg for every cruel stroke of the strap and she will decide how much and how long I will suffer.

I’m not a stoic sissy who receives pain bravely without flinching. I cry, sob and beg for mercy. But at Mistress’s premises, no one can hear you scream. Howl and plead as much as you like, the walls aren’t interested. She has decided I will take 100 strokes from her array of straps ad hawses and that’s the way it must be. In the midst of my suffering, bottom on fire, sobbing, begging for mercy but receiving none, I’m touched by a moment of clarity that this is the real me. A very submissive obedient sissy who must submit to and be punished by this exquisite, extraordinary, beautiful woman who completely understands me on the deepest level.

Next morning my bottom still feels like an electric fire with a broken off switch. But I’m still immersed in sub space and I know I’ll be summoned to Mistress V again in a short time. No escape. No excuses. Report obediently to her for my sentence of pain ,obedience and humiliation to be administered. I fear it, I crave it. She totally controls it. And, for me, that’s the best mind-fuck ever.

A novice client

  • January 5, 2019

Friday morning and my new slave arrived; opening the the door I saw a very nervous young man.

“Come in and go upstairs.”

I offered him a drink, we then sat and have a little chat. He told me he was a novice and had never been to see a Mistress before. Brilliant I do love a novice!

After he’d finished his drink, I told him to undress in the main play room, and on entering the room he shyly looked in my direction.

“Look at the floor boy not me, unless I instruct you otherwise!!”

During our chat he did mention he’d like to try sounds, but not until we’ve played in my favourite room.

I stood in front of him looking straight at his face, telling him he’s my new virgin and I will pop his cherry before he leaves here today.

I used a shoe lace and tied his cock and balls, pulling it nice and tight on the tip of his cock, which at this point was hard as rock, and once tied, I gave it a hard slap!

With him being a novice I had to be cautious as I didn’t know his limits. I then proceeded to tie him with rope, arms bound behind his back.

“Open your mouth!”

The taste of my spit made his cock even harder.Slap!!!!

Moving onto his nipples lightly squeezing them,adding pegs and pinching them together with my fingers made my newbie stand on his tip toes.

“Are you a ballerina!! Hahaha!”

Untying him I put him on my Cross, then ightly flogged his bottom and the back of his legs.

We then moved into the medical room for the sounds. Laying on the medical bed I straddled across him, sitting my arse over his nose and mouth. I inserted the thinnest sound first. Wriggling my arse all over his face while I masturbated him with hand and sound. He was in subspace heaven breathing in the sweet scent of my pussy.

Wish you were him? Call me to book and it could be your face I’m sitting on

Becoming My Collared Slave

  • December 27, 2018

I sometimes get requests to become My collared slave. If you are considering this, please note the following rules that apply to anyone wanting to be collared by Me:

1. I must have known you for at least 12 months.

2. You must have sessioned with Me at least once every 2 months over a 12 month period.

3. You must have some use to Me other than having sessions with Me. You must genuinely want to serve and please Me in as many ways as you can. Examples are: promoting Me on Twitter, and to do that you have to make a concerted effort to gain thousands of followers. Paying for premium adverts on Mistress directories to advertise My websites. Buying BDSM related items for Me to help My business grow. I am not a findom and I make no financial demands of My slaves, but I do require that you go the extra mile to show your devotion to Me.

4. To remain as My collared slave, you must continue to pay for sessions at least once every 2 months.

A Fantastic 3 Hour Session!

  • December 22, 2018

My 3 hour appointment arrived bang on the time agreed. After letting him in we discussed his likes and dislikes over a nice cup of coffee. He informed me of his love for needles and how he’d like to be a bit more extreme with them. Music to my ears! My mind was racing with ideas.

I ordered him into the medical room.

I started the needle play on his scrotum, making my way up his shaft right to the top of his bellend, then changing the direction of the needles going all the way back down his shaft. I then put 7 needles through his japs eye, putting four of my fingers and lightly lifting the needles that are around the top of his cock so he was slowly raising himself off the bed. This to me was a big buzz, watching him trying to control his whimpers LOL!

He said he’d never had this many needles in his cock and balls, and I’m not too sure how many I actually put in him as I was getting carried away as I do sometimes when I’m playing with them. Taking them out is the best !! I then cleaned him up and told him to crawl into the main dungeon room.

Strapping him down tightly to my bench I began to administer the strap, very lightly at first. Increasing the strength of the strokes, I could see he was drifting into to subspace; taking him deeper with each stroke, I used 5 different straps in total with 200 strokes.

Removing him from my bench I took him to my ceiling suspension. Attaching the cuffs I pulled his arms up above his head as far as they would go.

“Ever been whipped before?”

“No Mistress.”


He was trying to stay still, because I told him if he continued to move and wriggle about I would add another 20 strokes!

“It hurts miss!!”

“Hahaha! That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day, did you think it was going to tickle?”

After a good whipping, I released him and  strapped him to the bench, this time for a flogging.

“Count the strokes!!!”

Once the flogging was over I got him a blanket and left him to recuperate for 10 mins before telling him to get dressed.

A wonderful 3 hours for both of us.

Branding My sissy

  • December 16, 2018

On Saturday afternoon my sissy presented herself in my chambers with a couple of new requests. She brought her own razor and shaving foam for me to shave all her pubic hair off! She also requested to be branded, I don’t have a brander but I do have another implement that could do a good job. With these requests my imagination was in full motion.

“Get your sissy arse changed in the pink room. I have placed 3 outfits on the bed with stockings bra and panties and the blonde wig.”

Once was ready I applied some bright red lipstick; it looked perfect.

“Let me put on some music, you can show me your sexy moves!”

She was dancing away having the time of her life, she does a good Slut drop and knows all the right moves. After letting her have her moment I got the shaving foam and razor and pulled down her red panties. She sat on the bed while I humiliated her shaving every pube in sight.

I then get the hot hair straighteners!

“No Mistress please, I’ll be a good Slut!!”

“Hahaha shut up bitch and get your arse in the air!”

I pulled her over to me and lightly touched the skin on her arse cheeks.

“Ouch that hurts!”

“Well you asked to be branded, take it, you only get what you deserve!”

Onlyfans Account

  • December 8, 2018

I now have an Onlyfans account where you can see videos of Myself and My slaves in various types of session: