My New Chambers!

  • September 13, 2018

My new chambers are now available to session in. It’s very private and discreet with off road parking, (no nosey neighbours).

My main room is for the experienced game player, flogging, caning, strap, whips, bondage.

I have a spanking bench with straps to tie you down securely, and a St. Andrew’s Cross for flogging with various restraints.

I’m also in the process of finishing the sissy room. With dresses, underwear,stockings,shoes,makeup and wigs.

The third room is the medical play room. Medical bed, needles, acupuncture, e-stim, violet wand, fisting along with other activities.

Downstairs in my confinement room, there is no escape. Cage, and suspension play.

Moving on now to the outdoor area!  I have a massive private garden for the outdoor players, plenty of puppy training and pony training but if that’s not to your taste I can tie you up and leave you out there for hours, nobody would notice you there, except for ME!!

Taking calls from today!!

Puppy Training Session

  • September 13, 2018

I received the call for a puppy training session. It was my first call for this type of session, we agreed a time and day.

On the morning of the appointment I called in at the pet shop on my way to the chambers and bought some plastic balls for my puppy to play with. I also bought some pedigree chum and some doggy treats!!!

“I think I’m going to spoil this puppy and give him a good walk around my garden!! ”

The door bell rings, I opened the door to a drooling panting pup!

“Come inside I’ll get you some water 💦 my water, hahaha!”

I filled his water bowl with my piss, telling my pup to get on all fours and drink it up!

As you know, puppies don’t always listen first time, but with a nudge of my boot on his arse he soon started to drink it.

Once he’d drunk it all I then told him to undress down to his boxer shorts, and resume his puppy position; putting his collar and lead on we headed for the back door. It was a nice day for dog walking.

Outside I threw a ball, telling him to fetch it! He was a bit of a slow learner this one! Offering him a treat I threw the ball again; he ran and played with it. He’s got a long way to go if he wants to be as clever a dog as lassie lol!

We went back inside, presuming my puppy hasn’t eaten..

edigree chum opened and in his dish, he looked up at me all dopey eyed.

I told him: “It’s dinner time.”

Stroking his head, I spoon fed him. It wasn’t to his taste, so I reminded him that he’s my puppy and I will train him to be the best dog on the block! See you soon puppy 🐶

Testimonial from whipped

  • September 11, 2018

It was 2017 when my head first got turned by the sensational @yorksmistressv. Mistress V is an accomplished exponent of a vast array of activities that comprise our wonderful world of BDSM. Having visited her premises numerous times, Mistress V never failed to deliver the sort of experience that the younger Amazon Gift Card Dommes, could only ever dream of aspiring to.

Visit Mistress V for a sensational session of Corporal Punishment, Flogging, Whipping, Strapping, Belts, Tawses, Canes and Plimsolls.

Maybe needles and medical play is your thing, or perhaps you fancy a session of watersports or something harder. Electrics and wax are also available for the more discerning gentleman, as well as caging, humiliation and general servitude. Whatever your poison, Mistress V has a chalice for it.

Also coming soon, Double Domme (FF) and Double Dom/me (FM), so you can truly feel the wrath of supremacy.

Mistress V will turn those repressed dreams of yours into a vivid glowing reality. Her subtle combination of beautifully sensual, sadistic dominance will have you begging on your knees for more. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned player, Mistress V will sense your needs and deliver a session you’ll never forget. Be prepared to come back for more. I DID, and now I’m her owned submissive.


New Premises

  • September 2, 2018

New beginnings!!

I have new premises, still situated in Huddersfield, but much bigger and more rooms to play in.  With shower and toilet facilities.

I will have a medical play room for needleplay and sounds, the bigger room will be My CP room for the novice and the experienced player and the third room will be My toilet training room.

I have private gardens for outdoor play.

I will be having sissy coffee mornings plus much more.

You will be kept up to date with the progress and when it will be ready for play. Look out on My news page for the date..

My New Bondage Board

  • August 29, 2018

My new weighted tweezer clamps

  • August 25, 2018

Tales of an owned slave

  • August 25, 2018

It is an honour to have become the personal slave and property of Mistress V. As a lifestyle slave and submissive it is a yearning and dream to be taken under Her control and to be permitted to serve in such a capacity.

Of course this comes with a requirement for service servitude pain discipline and control. This has become so clear already. To be in Her presence Her power and beauty is obvious. Her skills and ideas for use of slaves is always imaginative but controlled. Her mind and intelligence offers great opportunity to take a slave to any space and level sought and demanded.

This is the first of my occasional musings as Her slave and property as instructed by Mistress. It will attempt to offer its thoughts and description of its life as owned property and everyday life in service and session as occasion demands.

Next note following planned visit to Pedestal!!

A Testimonial

  • August 22, 2018

It was my first visit to a Disciplinarian. A title Mistress Victoria uses, along with Dominatrix. Yet the word Disciplinarian is more evocative for me, as it conjures memories of school discipline from a time when the strap and cane were commonplace.

Whether it was luck, chance, or destiny that led me to Mistress Victoria, I’m not sure. I knocked on Her door and stepped into Her world. And within a few moments I knew I had made the right decision. She mesmerised me with eyes that seemed to look deep into my psyche. My instincts told me She was naturally in control. And the “me” of work, anxiety, stress and tedious normality melted away as my stream of consciousness sentences sketched out what being disciplined meant to me.

I imagine everyone who has receives corporal punishment has a unique and nuanced experience. Mistress Victoria listened and understood.

At this point a great leap of faith was necessary on my part. I knew deep down I wanted to surrender all control. She had to have all the power, and I none. No safe words, just total acceptance of Her strict will, manifested through Her favourite leather punishment straps. I submissively and obediently presented myself over Her whipping bench and She ensured all the restraints were securely fastened. No squirming, no escape. The cocktail of hopelessness, submission and obedient acceptance was flowing through me, and it was intoxicating.

The next forty minutes were completely exhilarating, Literally, a sensory roller coaster where my emotions and endorphins bounced off the walls of subspace; My first ever experience of this phenomena and it was extraordinary.

I won’t reveal too much detail, but as an absolute beginner, I found Mistress Victoria to be a consummate artist in administering the strap. As a newbie I hadn’t a clue what my limits were. Modest at best, I assumed. But She built up the levels expertly. Then so teasingly and cleverly played with the edges. Mercifully easing off just at the right moment, then suddenly coming on strong to take me to the limits of torment and trepidation. Emotionally it was a complete head f**k, which was exactly what I wanted. Afterwards, in conversation I learned I’d taken much more than I thought I could. Necessary, of course, to get exactly the right emotions flowing.

Later, as we parted She fixed me with Her gaze. I knew I would soon return to obediently submit to Her again. Her strap, Her whipping bench, Her rules. Her strict control. I didn’t need to say a word. She already knew.

Outdoor Play

  • August 18, 2018

Got an early morning phone call from one of My slaves this morning.

“Can you dominate me outside Mistress??”

“Why not seeing that you’ve woken Me up!”

“I’ll pick You up in 30 minutes Mistress. Do you know somewhere discreet where we can play?”

“I know the perfect place.”

Collecting My rope, handcuffs, collar and lead, I wait for him to pick Me up. Once he arrives, I make him change over to the passenger seat.

“Move over, I’m driving.”

I headed for the location. all the while, My slave was looking at Me, quivering.

“What are You going to do to me Mistress?”

“Hahaha, I’m not going to disclose that information!”

Once I’d parked up, I put his collar and lead on. The graveyard is very quiet at this time of the morning.

“Get on all fours, dog!”

I lead him around until I saw a good sized tree to tie him to. Climbing over the wall, I lead him to the tree.

“Get up and stand with your back to the tree.”

As I tied him up, laughing as it was so amusing seeing him half naked, he asked if he could masturbate. Slapping him across the face, I informed him that he had to drink My piss before he gets to pleasure himself. I untied him and demanded he lay down on the ground.

“Open wide and swallow!”

He gulped down every last drop.

“Get up! Now you may relieve yourself then get dressed.”

Getting back in his car, we made our way back to where I was picked up.

My newest sub

  • August 14, 2018

Howard arrived at My chambers at the agreed time.

“Sit down!”

Sitting down, he informed me that he’d brought a few of his own items along.

“Let Me look in your bag.”

He had nappies, a butt plug, and rubber panties.

I told him to undress and bring his things into the playroom. Not wasting any time, I collared him, cuffed his hands behind his back and chained him to My bench.

“Nipple torture can only mean one thing Howard: needles!”

I laughed out loud.

“It doesn’t have to be painful.”

The first needle went in, and as he flinched, I slapped him straight across the face.

“Keep still!!”

I could see he was nervous as the second needle moved down to his balls, piercing straight through. He stiffened up but hinted that he liked it. I love needle play! In total he had 20 in the cock and balls – more than he could ever have imagined.

Extricating his butt plug from his bag, I lubed his arse with My gloved fingers, stretching his arse wide enough to be plugged. Once it was in, I then attached My e-stim to his cock and balls.

“Are you ready to have a caning? You have no choice really hahaha!!” After strapping him down, I pulled My favourite dragon cane out, swishing it in the air, then swish! One stroke! On the 10th stroke, I could tell Howard had had enough,and unstrapping him I took the collar from around his neck and removed the e-stim.

Howard told Me that was the best session he’d ever had.

“I haven’t finished yet boy. Get Me your nappy!” Rather than waste it, I’ll piss in that and you can wear it all the way back home.

But isn’t that going to sting Mistress?”

“Of course; get them on! See you next time, as there will be a next time!”