My slave’s first time scat session – as it happened!

  • November 18, 2018

The morning has arrived for my Slave to eat my waste and clean my dirty arse !!I ate plenty of spicy food the night before just to add a bit of flavour.

On his arrival I opened the door to see my Slave literally trembling.

“Calm down slave.  Nothing has happened yet!!”

“Yes Mistress”

Laying my bondage board on the floor I got my rope; he’s going to need to be tied down securely as he will only wriggle and try avoid eating my waste!!

“Lay on the board.”

Once he was tied and shackled I stood over him.

“You’re going to eat all of it and I’m going to feed you. Understand?”

“Yes Mistress”

Spreading my arse cheeks, I dropped it straight onto his stomach. Squatting down over his mouth I demand he cleans my arse.

“Lick my arse clean, toilet, then suck the rest of it out.”

I put my hand under his jaw and clamped it around his mouth so he had no choice but to lick it clean.

Lighting a cigarette I then got on my knees and fed it to him with a spoon a little at a time, every now and then torturing his balls with my cigarette.

I think he enjoyed his Sunday lunch, he’ll be back in a couple of weeks to do it all again!

Lucky Slave!!!

My slave’s first time scat session tomorrow

  • November 17, 2018

Looking forward to Sunday as it’s my slave’s first ever time for scat!!  He’s as nervous as hell which I guess is normal for all you shit lovers!

I’ll be kind and introduce him to it slowly, by slowly I mean a little at a time on his body at first.

I have many ways of making a Slave consume my waste obviously I’m not going to tell you all my secrets, but I will be doing a blog about the entire session tomorrow evening, look on my website and have a good read!!

You could be next !!

Testimonial from Slave Ian

  • November 5, 2018

2nd of November 2018.

I am sat on the train from Manchester to Huddersfield, my mind is working overtime. What exactly did I say that I was wanting from this session, “test my pain limits”, “four hours” have I lost my senses. My hands are damp and my stomach is churning from a mixture of nerves and anticipation. Finally the train pulls into the station and I board a taxi that delivers me to the agreed location, one quick phone call, a short walk and I am finely face to face with Mistress V.

The first thing that strikes me is her Eyes, Steely/Icy Blue, you could drown in those eyes, and most probably will if you stare into them too long. She immediately notices my nervousness and does her best to put me at ease engaging me in conversation. I hang up my coat and enter her play room were we discuss both our expectations.

She catches my gaze with those eyes, “Right then, lets get on with it”.

What follows is the most intense, exciting and exhilarating four hours of my life. Thank you, I loved it !!!

Mistress V is highly skilled. She continues to assess your reactions throughout the session, encouraging you to endure more than you ever thought you were able. Nipple Clamps, Crocodile Clips, Straps, Canes, Bullwhip, other Whips, Needles and other implements, all were expertly applied, testing my pain levels as requested but never exceeding what I could manage.

It is now over 72 hours since I saw Mistress V and I still proudly admire the effects of her work on my body. Will I return ?, without a doubt.

I expressed an interest in Enforced Hard Sports and Mistress V (Eyes Again) seems to think I should give it a go, who am I to argue with Mistress V ?.

Slave Ian

A Fantastic 4 Hour Session

  • November 2, 2018

My new sub arrived at my dungeon at the agreed time, very nervous!! I assured him that I’d take my time with him as it was his first time to visit Me.

“Get yourself undressed fully naked! Once you’re naked, get yourself into my play room.”

I enter the playroom; my sub is on his knees, head bowed

“On your feet boy!!”

I blindfolded him. I then got my rope and securely bound him.

“I’m going to break you today!! 4 hours of power exchange to do as I please!!”

Giving him some poppers, I saw he was now relaxing and getting into the zone.

I started with his nipples, lightly squeezing them. “He’s enjoying this so I must be a little harder!” I thought, increasing the pressure on each nipple a little at a time. I attached my weighted nipple clamps.


“More poppers boy!! Crocodile clips next bitch!”

He jolted as I attached the clips to his balls! Slap! Straight across his cheek!

“Keep still, I’ve only just started!”

Keeping the clips on his balls, I removed the nipple clamps and attached the crocodile clips onto his nipples.

“Tender are they? Haha!!”

Untying him, I took him over to the bench.

“Get onto it! Arse in the air he did as he was told.

“I’ve seven new canes, all of which you will be trying today!”

“Yes Mistress.”

My favourite! 10 strokes in and he’s nearly in subspace. I moved onto my whippy stingy cane.

“Count the strokes, pain Slut!”

After 150 strokes I decided he’d had enough of the cane.

“Get yourself of the bench!! You’re going onto the cross.

Bull whipping his arse, I watched the welts rising on his skin.

It turns me on to see a Slave suffering for me.

“You must be thirsty.”

“Yes Mistress, my mouth’s dry”

Glass in hand, I peed straight into it.

“Drink up”

Once he’d drunk the pee, I take him down off the cross

“Lie down on your back!! Time for a walk”

I stood on his back in my stilettoe heels, digging them deep into his skin.

Ball busting next!! Change of shoes for this – my spikey
sharp boots.

“Up on your feet, legs spread wid!! I’m really going to enjoy this!”

After 5 or 6 kicks he was on his knees! What a whimp!

“I will break you remember that boy!!”


  • October 21, 2018

I arrived at Mistress V’s new premises to be met at the door by Mistress looking fabulous and ready for action.

After quickly appraising Mistress with a brief description of my likes, dislikes and specific hard limits I was very quickly naked and being strapped to the whipping bench. Mistress then proceeded to give me a very thorough warm up of increasing intensity. Soon Mistress’s favourite straps and tawses were being put to good use and I found myself slipping quite deeply into subspace. Mistress continued in this way, changing between implements and slightly varying the intensity, but keeping up a good pace, so that I could continue to enjoy my subspace for some time.

Eventually Mistress moved on to administer 100 strokes of the cane. I found this very challenging, especially towards the end as my backside became very tender and sore. However I was determined to take as many cane strokes as she wished to deliver.

This part of the session was the longest and most intense period of impact play that I had ever experienced. However whilst Mistress certainly stretched my limits, she was encouraging throughout and never pushed excessively hard.

Mistress then led me through to her medical room. On arrival I had voiced a strong desire to try needle play, but had qualified this by suggesting that it might be something to do after a few sessions together (Get out clause for wimps). However Mistress seemed to be of the opinion that there was no point in putting off to tomorrow what we could do today. I was very nervous, but Mistress proceeded at a leisurely pace and talked to me throughout which kept me relatively relaxed. After connecting my cock and balls to her electrical box, my nipples were introduced to the staple gun and several needles. I have always been fond of nipple torture and had a feeling that this sort of play might suit me. The reality was way beyond my expectations. The effect on me was sensational and I can’t wait to experience more! Hot wax was then dripped on my cock and balls. This was a relatively soothing sensation, and gave me time to recover somewhat from the intensity of the needle play.

Mistress V is a very skilled and intuitive practitioner of BDSM. I am sure that she would lead any submissive/masochist, beginner or experienced, on a journey that would exceed their expectations.

Making My wrestling slave work in My garden

  • October 16, 2018

My wrestling Slave came to see Me yesterday morning

“Can we do something a little different today Miss?”

“Of course we can” I replied, “Go into the sissy room and I’ll follow you through.”

Looking through the wardrobe I picked a dress, fishnet tights and some crotch-less knickers.

“Put those on!! Call Me once you’re ready. I have something else you can wear with it. A little fur jacket would look lovely with your dress.”

Once he was dressed, I attached the e-stim to his cock and balls, setting it on squeeze mode. I knew when he bent down to pick the leaves up he was going to get a right shock!! I then put the shoulder length blonde wig on him to finish the look.

I went into the kitchen, ordering him through.

“Grab this and go and collect all the leaves!! If they aren’t all cleared up in 15 minutes there will be consequences!!”

Once back inside after he had picked every leaf up I decided to have a wrestling match with him.

“Strip off down to your knickers Slut!!”

I thought it would be a wicked match if I left the e-stim still attached to his accoutrements. Cruel, I know !

“Get into the main room and wait!”

I entered the room and pulled his knickers down so I could turn the e-stim power up! Just a touch!

Grabbing him from behind I put one arm around his neck, with my knee in his back. I got him onto the floor into the scissor hold.

“I submit mistress!!!”

The rest is history. Until next time, bitch!


  • October 5, 2018

My second appointment. Mistress Victoria is an explorer and conquerer of minds and desires. She seeks out the location of your fantasies, stakes Her claim and exerts control. In a few short weeks this slave has been trained to crave the strap as much as fear it.. The conflicting emotions of longing and dread firing simultaneously as She tightens the restraints then selects the instrument of atonement. And all this enriched with Her smouldering eroticism. Her curvaceous figure encased in a tight black satin dress, the touch of Her finger nails as she ensures the surrendered flesh is displayed to Her satisfaction.

Time to extract the tears, in sets of six… First the strap, but the merciless tawse is waiting…

And afterwards, the cruel certainty that there will be a next time. Because She decides when!

A Short Notice Booking

  • October 4, 2018

The gentleman called at 1.30. I was already in My dungeon. He said he was 40 minutes away.

He gave Me a brief rundown of how he’d like the session to go. Mmm bondage, and sensual pain! After our brief phone conversation I changed into more appropriate attire.

Pulling My pants on and fastening My shoes, My mind began to fill with ideas. Erotic and sensual bondage. Flogging. I just love it!

On his arrival he was told to strip naked. Once naked I ordered him into My dungeon.

I selected red rope to match My nails

“Slave Stand with your arms behind your back!”

Going behind him I prepared My rope!! I started at the tops of his arms. Two loops, one arm in each, I worked My way down to his wrists, making sure he was securely bound. Dragonfly sleeve ready, I turned him around to face Me.

I slowly ran My nails over his chest, digging My nails in slightly. Moving down to his nipples, lightly tweaking them. I then changed tactics and moved onto My weighted nipple clamps. On attaching them to his nipples, he let out a slight scream.

I picked up My pinwheel and ran it up and down his stiff cock, teasing him all the while with My opened blouse showing just about enough cleavage. I stopped and brought him over to My favourite piece of furniture: My bench!!

Untying him, I ordered him over the bench, strapping him in, then I proceeded with the Flogger and finished our session by thrashing him!!

Women rule!!

A Testimonial in Poetry

  • October 4, 2018

She is a blond beauty from afar,

And one that slaves will adore,

Yet behind that smile is a door,

That open a world of much more.

Inner desires are deep inside,

Passion ablaze to lead your way,

Hold this thought in your head.

To find that key where life is now

And live in lands emotions to enjoy.

Pain and pleasure go hand-in-hand,

Her desire will leave you addicted,

And send your emotions to levels,

Never know to you or imagined before.

Testimonial from My sub at Pedestal

  • October 3, 2018

An amazing visit to London and trip with Mistress to ClubPedestal. Mistress looked beautiful in Her new black dress and red shoes purchased specially for the occasion. As soon as we arrived She was subject to much worship and immediate attention as She should from slaves in the Club. It was immediately ordered to follow Her around the facility to view the wonderful goings on resulting in many admiring glances at Her.

Whenever She sat i was ordered to worship and be Her human ashtray. This also attracted slaves begging to attend Her. A few were lucky in kissing Her wonderful feet and hands.

Mistress was clearly in Her element. Born to dominate own and be served. Her natural dominant predisposition was so clear and wonderful to see. Clearly I am not the only one captivated by Her!! Pictures on Pedestal website soon!