Dual Session – a Testimonial

  • April 12, 2023

knock on Mistress V’s door open the door dressed in jeans and a teeshirt and her arm in a sling walked in and was introduced to mistress lady Elizabeth who helps Mistress out when her arm gets better. to strip and slip on my sissy dress and wing and heels. Lady Elizabeth lock my dress and hands together and Mistress V made me walk around the dungeon floor and curtsy in front of her Lady Elizabeth’s mistress got whipped out and whipped my arse as waking around .
they instructed me to bend over where Mistress V lifted my dress and slipped nickers down Lady E strapped me to the bench as Mistress V pull out a carrot shape whisk and walked in front of me giggling saying you know where this going then walk back of me then told lady E to grab my pink cock gag and slip in me and strap it nice and tight b4 mistress V slip the carrot whisk up my cherry hole and then took photos and video slipping it in and out. Mistress V notice my branding looked faded so she ask Lady Elizabeth would like to rebrand me so took fresh sharp needles and redid the branding on my arse check .then came canning and strap time .once related was wrapped like a mummy and blindfolded me and ripped plastic rap to expose my nipples and cock and balls V used her good hand to slip needles though my nipples and lady E also help then more needles in my cock and balls then came V favourite thing to with needles a crown of thorns though my tip of cock then tens machine nice shocking time then mistress V went and got a nice fresh glass of amber nectar and lady E help me to drink it all up.
Then unwrapped and told to fuck the machine and wait for mistress V to sip the cock up my cherry hole and set it off as she sat on my back and paddled my arse checks b4 cranking the machine up higher after good fucking back on the bench for more arse punishment mistress V and LADY E took turns canning my arse until it was red and with strips.
Brilliant session with MISTRESS V and LADY Elizabeth can’t wait till next month

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