Body Worship

My new body worship slave

  • February 15, 2023

My new slave arrived at the time given , excitement written all over his face . Can’t say I was surprised as I stood there stockings high heels and a leather look dress revealing my beautiful cleavage . Get yourself undressed boy , I have work for you to do . Today is all about me! you will worship my body from head to toe , slowly and I mean slowly kissing and caressing my legs working your way up but let me make it quite clear slave if your lips wander anywhere they shouldn’t you’ll be punished! hehe

Get behind me and begin your worship , once at my bottom I want to hear your lips smacking against my soft skin both cheeks need the same attention, Get to it !!

Running his tongue up the centre of my calf as if it were a seam , his tongue and lips are soon all over my bottom making each lick last until the next . Now slave I want your attention on my outer leg ! before I allow you to rim my sweaty arse , his licking rhythm speeding up . Slow down slave , I like the feel of your tongue as it’s runs over my flesh .Satisfied with my leg worship I order him to now lick my arsehole . One very happy slave , he’s already booked himself another appointment for the following week 😈

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