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2 hours with sissy daisy

  • July 9, 2022
Fantastic 2 hours spent with my sissy daisy today , i’d bought her a dress in the week for the session so I was looking forward to dressing her up in it .

Opening the door there she stood big smile with gifts in hand . 
Locking the door behind me , I hand over the dress and order her to get changed , put the dress on , come back and kneel at my feet .
She did as I ordered , sitting at my feet , I lift my shoe , pushing it to her mouth Clean it ! once you’ve done that I want you to suck on my heel . While she’s having a good suck  I decide to attach a pair of round nipple clamps , you know the ones with the screw that goes through the centre of the ring clasping on tightly to the nipple ? yes those ones , she likes pain does daisy so I screw them really tight lol winching out loud I laugh louder , come on now daisy , you do want to please me don’t you ? Yes mistress , feeling sadistic I now put my heel in between the nipple and the clamp, twisting and turning , her cock obviously likes what i’m doing to her nipple as it’s getting harder and harder , now get on your feet and get your arse over my bench , today after ive fucked  you im going to give your arse a good fisting , pointing to the enema bag but first you need a good clear out , inserting the tube I begin to squeeze the warm water up his arse , clench those cheeks together daisy , when all the warm waters inside you I want you to hold it in until you can no longer hold it . It wasn’t long before he was begging to go to the loo , of you go dirty girl , once you come back in my playroom I want you back over the bench , I pull on my long latex gloves and lube up my hand , calling her in , come on now get over the bench . 
One finger then 2 then 3 , slowly pushing my hand deeper into its hole . when I finished I showed daisy just how far my hand had gone in , she was very happy with herself. She stills needs a lot more training as I never managed to get it passed my wrist . I’d like to get it down to my elbow , so would daisy , practice makes perfect 😈

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