2 new slaves

  • May 18, 2022
What a brilliant day i’ve sessioned with 2 new slaves my first slave came from London for a refreshing drink to delicious desserts . 

My toilet arrived at the given time , not nervous or apprehensive he was  excited ! very excited , after a brief chat I hand over his outfit which it quickly gets dressed into . Once dressed I order it onto its back , open your mouth I have your drink ready ,controlling the flow of my pee it pours down its throat as if it were being poured from a jug , lap it up ! Get on your feet and get over my bench strapping it down tightly , I don’t want you wriggling as I begin to slap his arse cheeks , I stuffed a pair of panties in its mouth , suck on those , i’m
going to lube my cock , I want it to slide in your man pussy effortlessly, I always start with the smallest dildo and work my way up to the larger sizes hole permitting lol , giving my toilet a good seeing to with 3 dildos in total , it’s so grateful to have my pee and my cocks , now time for the grand finale scat , it tells me it’s eaten scat but mostly likes to massage my waste over its tiny none existing shrimp dick  and balls , mouth open ready for my first turd , it falls into its mouth with a plop ,looking down at my toilet it waits for my next instruction , swirl it around your mouth then rub it into your shrimp , do it well and I might have another turd for you, rubbing my waste all over I spit on it to make it softer , i’m ready for turd  number 2 mamm.Squatting over its mouth I release the second turd , repeat what you did with the first load !  relieve yourself and clean yourself up you piece of shit 😈  one happy human toilet left the building , back to florida you go , if your ever back in the uk , you know where I am 😈😈

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