Role Play

4 Hour TPE Role Play Session

  • October 21, 2020

My new client arrived this morning for total power exchange , one of my favourite sessions .

Looking a little nervous he hands me a letter from the courts summoning him to my chambers to be punished and taught a very hard lesson .

It began with , dear corrections officer ..
having read it i order my prisoner from the toilet , cuffing him i take him to the bondage board , i begin to tie his legs feet and hands tight .

You’ll not escape under my control slave , today you will take what ever punishment i deem fit .
I then tie his cock and balls , then i tie them to the board nothing is allowed to move .

Bringing my riding crop from behind my back i start to whip his cock and balls , this prisoner needs to feel each stroke he needs to feel pain .

Once his cock is nicely bruised i begin to burn his testicals then i proceed to burn his cock , mainly concentrateing on his bell end , lovely little blisters appearing .

Stop wriggling slave , i’m in control now.
Inserting a needle in one of his nipples he screams , i soon muffle his cry’s with my ball gag , “that’ll shut you up “

Blindfolding my prisoner i insert another needle straight through the balls , more wimpering from this fools mouth , stop being such a pussy , you’ve got a long way to go yet slave! i’ve not even started with my implements of mass destruction hahaha

Taking my prisoner from the bondage board i tell him to lie down in the bathroom .

Tilt your head i don’t want you missing any of my piss !
Open wide and swallow , i lower myself down an inch from its mouth , All of it !!

“Once you’ve drunk it all . it’s time for the real punishment to commence “.

Get over my punishment bench , time to feel the sting of my whip , after a few lashes i move onto the cane my favourite
6 of the best and he’s practically crying .
What a little bitch you are ! unstrapping him , back on the bondage board i have something that’ll sort your wimpering .

Tying him to the board once again secured bound , i attach the estim setting it to a low pulsing sensation .
out of nowhere he screams ! “Fucking hurt me bitch , “i twist the button onto full power !
Who’s the bitch now slave !!
Take it !! you only get what you deserve in my chambers !

After leaving him writhing around for a few minutes i release the cock loops and massage his bruised cock and balls .
Not in a nice way might i had 😈😈
This slave is now going to be trained to be my painslvt to take my cane more than 6 lousy strokes , he will become better , he will become mine . See you soon

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