A 4 Hour Session – a Testimonial

  • October 24, 2020

I booked a 4 hour session thinking i could take anything my Mistress could deal out. How wrong i was.

I was lead to the bondage bench, tied down, legs wide apart. Mistress smiled at me as she began to destroy my cock and balls. I soon became aware, that me asking for them to be severely punished was the right (and wrong) thing to do. Needles, scratching, flogging, caning, they didn’t look the same as they did 40 minutes ago.

Mistress can be gentle but also merciless. 🙂

Once my cock and balls had been taught a lesson, it was my buttocks turn. I was ordered to mount the caning chair, strapped down and this is where i broke. It all started so well, light taps with a soft whip, then Mistress swapped to something a little firmer. Before i knew it, Mistress had a cane in her hand and she was determined i was going to be hurt. After a few well aimed strokes, this is where I couldn’t take it anymore. Mistress laughed at me as i cried in pain. Mistress rubbed her hand over my buttocks, “Not that tough now are you” she giggled.

The Electro E-stim was my favourite though. Tied around my cock and balls, while I’m strapped to the bench, it tingled at first. As the power was increased so was the sensation. After a few minutes of it slowly being turn up, my penis and testicles were alive with sensation. I was so, so damn horny by now. Thats when i blurted it out, “Hurt me please Mistress” i shouted, my penis and testicles buzzing with delight. The pain I felt through my genitals for the next 5 seconds is something i will never ever forget.

I can’t wait to return… 🙂

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