6 Orgasms in 90 minutes!

  • July 22, 2020

Walked in, straight to the vacbed again! This time, after it sucked me in, mistress immediately began sensually caressing my entire body. Follow by some more breath play, hand around my neck or over my mouth.. she even sat on my face.. at least I think she did since I couldn’t see, 2 vibrators & 3 orgasms later I was ordered upstairs to where she roped me securely onto her bench, sat up, hands and arms behind my back & legs secured to the knee rests.. blindfold and ear muffs on.

Over the next hour she played with my nipples, biting, scratching, nipping, clamping, pin wheeling my nipples! Flogged, scratches K spanked my back, arms, thighs.

Not happy enough with my bondage she applied a breast harness around my arms and around my tits… & carries on playing with the already sensitive buds before grabbing her vibrator again and making me come twice more.
To finish the session off, she shoved the cum covered vibrator in my mouth & pin wheeled my thighs, down to my pussy & eventually my clit. Asking for one more orgasms before she set me free…

I said last time was one of my favourite sessions.. well this one definitely became my favourite. 6 orgasms in 90 minutes… do I need to say more.

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