Safe and Sound

  • July 22, 2020

Like many subs and fetishists, when the Covid-19 lockdown eased, I was very keen to have a good session. I was nervous about catching the Covid-19 virus though, so I scoured the Internet to see which Mistresses were obviously taking it seriously while also providing quality sessions.  Mistress V’s Covid-19 precautions stood out like a beacon, so although I live nearly 70 miles away, I decided to take the plunge and go for a session. Perfect choice! Mistress V’s Domspace chambers were spotlessly clean, and everything was ready for us to enjoy a session in complete safety.

I had been concerned that Mistress V’s Covid-19 precautions might dampen the enjoyment of the session somewhat, but in fact it was quite the opposite; that feeling of being safe engendered a feeling of trust that actually improved the session.

I won’t say exactly what happened during the session because your interests won’t necessarily be the same as mine, but I experienced the whole gamut of pain, humiliation and degradation that I had asked for, in absolute safety.

Mistress V doesn’t simply give you a session in return for money. This isn’t a transaction. Neither is it the simple infliction of pain and humiliation that I’ve experienced elsewhere. Mistress V gets inside your head. And you get inside her head. It’s a fantastic spiritual and physical collaboration par excellence.

There is nobody like Mistress V. Book a session, but beware: you will never want to session with anyone else. I still have a spring in my step.

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