90 minutes with Mistress V – a Testimonial

  • October 19, 2020

Discussing with Mistress V what may happen over the next 90 min, I explain my desire to give up control, some idea of my limits and the fine line between pleasure and pain. I do not claim to have a high pain threshold and Mistress clearly enjoys some of the more severe aspects but she smiles knowingly, it is clear that she understands me better than myself. I feel in safe hands.

Undressed, I crawl towards her. Bound to the wall I am blindfolded and ear muffs placed. Deaf and blind I am only vaguely aware of Mistress moving around me. Sensual touch intertwines with sharper toys. The uncertainty of what next and where next concentrates the anticipation. Mistress treads the fine line perfectly, stretching my limits but seeming to know exactly where they are. The delightful crackle of a violet wand pushes me further.

A moments relief to be untied, but quickly placed on a bench and restrained for a variety of whips and canes. This time I can hear Mistress’s taunts, and encouragements, urging me to take a little more, stretching my limits again.

A break from the pain/pleasure. Lying on the floor with Mistress astride me I am treated to her piss. A perfect mix of excitement/humiliation.

Off to her medical room and placed on her couch. I am not restrained physically, but her instruction is enough to ensure I am not going anywhere. A mixture of more sharp toys and face sitting, then something new.

“Has anyone used sounds on you?” “No” “ OK, lets try” “Errr.. OK?”

Mistress is clearly skilled in this and with great delicacy the first sound disappears into my cock. It is an unusual sensation and I worry that it will disappear entirely, but am rapidly reassured that I am still in safe hands. Over the next few mins progressively larger sounds stretch me – almost painfully, but not quite. Mistress’s skill in treading my fine line is perfect again.

With the end of our time approaching Mistress announces that she has one more little treat for me. Some noises out of my sight and she is back to sit across my face, holding me down. Quickly my nipple is held and a sharp pain- a needle through my nipple! My cry is muffled by her arse and any struggling contained by her weight.
This should not have come as a surprise to me – we had discussed it 90 mins ago as something that we could try- but with everything else that has happened it had escaped my mind. This hurt – no mistake, yet there is also satisfaction and pride in overcoming this – for Mistress.

A final chat before returning to the real world. Mistress is delightful, approachable understanding and I would suspect entirely unshockable.
I can only hope to spend more time with her in the future when we can push my limits a little further.
Thank you Mistress

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