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A beautiful, cruel, sadistic Mistress

  • October 25, 2021

The slave arrived and he was told to immediately strip and to put on the clothes that Mistress gave him. Namely a sissy black dress, stockings and a 14 strap suspender belt, stiletto high heels.and a wig.

Mistress than dragged him by the ear to the whipping bench and securely fastened him down. She then proceeded to give him a sissy makeover Full makeup, with lipstick and eye shadow.

Mistress looked absolutely gorgeous.

Then it was time for a lengthy fucking with Mistress using her strap on. When she had fucked him to her satisfaction the slave had to suck and clean all his shit from the dildo.

The slave was gagged using a used (and dirty) pair of Mistress’s panties. To ensure he didn’t spit them out – numerous layers of duct tape were wound around his head.

Time for some serious punishment. Mistress proceeded with a strict hand spanking until it had reached the bright colour red that Mistress wanted, then came a prolonged paddling finishing off with a strict caning, ( One of Mistress’s favourite pastimes. ) Slave was crying from the pain that Mistress had inflicted.

Then released he was secured to the medical bench to suffer severe CBT and nipple torture. Many needles were put through his cock and balls. Mistress then decided to use her sewing skills to completely close his foreskin. (Slave would later be sent home with his cock still sewn shut!)

Time to try out the new slave toilet. An open mouth gag was fastened into the slave’s mouth to guarantee that he could not avoid drinking her piss or eating her shit.

Slave was then made to clean the floor with his tongue to clean up all the missed piss and shit.

One last final humiliation was to have to clean her dirty butt hole with his mouth.

The end of another fantastic session with a beautiful, cruel and sadistic Mistress.

Mistress then informed me that next time he wouldn’t be sucking a shit covered dildo but another slaves shitty cock that he had just fucked me with!!

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