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My new toilet throne

  • October 24, 2021

My bitch arrived at the time agreed ruck sack in hand, what it didn’t know is I have a new toilet a clear toilet my throne, before any of the toilet training I dress my bitch in a blue glittery figure hugging dress long sleeves with a v shaped cut out across the chest, easy access for my needles and nipple clamps, I do love nipple torture the expressions on my bitches face is a perfect picture when I insert them.

I gag my bitch with a pair of my warm panties, using duct tape around the mouth and around its head.

Ordering my bitch over my bench I strap it down, back, thighs and shins before I begin it’s punishment with my bull whip I choose such an implement for this bitch to realise i’m the boss and when I want a shit i’ll use it’s mouth as and when with the slightest bit of fuss from it! Once it’s backside was glowing I using my junior cane, very thin and whippy 10 hard strokes, Placing 4 cocks (dildos ) on the bench I order it to suck the one it would like up its arse it chooses the smallest, after giving it a good sucking I insert it, take that cock you filthy shit eating bitch.

Pounding it’s hole until it can take no more, i strapping it I order it under my throne cuffing it’s wrists to the legs, face positioned perfectly under me, mouth gag in, I hope your ready for my piss and shit bitch because it’s on its way to the back of your throat, enjoying watching it struggle as it tries to swallow 🤣🤣🤣 I end the session by sewing my bitches cock closed for the journey home on the train, see you next month muncher

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