A Brilliant Week!

  • November 9, 2019

Well what a week it’s been so far !! Plenty of bum fun and hardsports.

I met a new sub this morning he’d never experienced anal play before but said his desire to be fvcked and sucked we’re getting stronger and stronger, now was the right time to put these fantasies into reality.

He was very embarrassed of his Tiny cock which hadn’t seen any action for a long time, which didn’t surprise me, I’ve never seen anything as tiny in my life.

Humiliating my sub and taunting him about his wife allowing him to watch her get fvcked while he watches.

Slipping my strapon on I order him to crawl over and lick my cock from the base to the tip which he willingly does, “i want real cock mistress, “I’ll get you real cock once you’ve proved that you can actually suck mine first.

After allowing him to fondle and suck, I tell him to get over the bench, I’m going to start with one finger up your eager arse and see if I can stretch you enough to take my cock (smallest one first) we don’t need to rush.

Once my finger’s inserted I see a very different reaction from my sub

Moaning and groaning enjoying. My finger penetrating deep inside him, I allow him to relief himself as he can’t hold it any longer, once he came he fell to his knees thanking me for such an amazing experience, after the session had finished he showered and then we had a little chat about how the session went. He will be back for the real deal very soon 😈😈

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