What a fantastic week!

  • October 20, 2019

what a fantastic week it’s been . stockholm was awesome my sub flew me over there for two days we had a brilliant time in our session , roleplay . superman came and visited me in the uk in may , so when he asked if i’d go over there i didn’t hesitate .
i stayed in a very spacious apartment , swinging my whip wasn’t a problem lol once i’d captured superman tied him up and had my fun with him we then went for a meal , all in all i was treated like a princess , will i be returning yes definitely
when i got back to the uk , i was soon back in my chambers dealing with naughty bottoms
i’ve met a new sub who came for hardsports needles and strapon play he will be back for more fun very soon and finished my day yesterday with my slut davina she now understands that i own her i decide her fate as and when i see fit , after the caning i gave her yesterday she won’t be flirting anymore
i’m meeting a new slave this afternoon for humiliation and watersports
it’s been a brilliant week and what a way to end it , back in my chambers tomorrow for more fun .. watch this space

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