A Double Orgasm!

  • March 30, 2021

Dressed in boots and leather skirt with a sheer black body. I call my sub over, on your knees and worship my boots when I’m happy with the results I want you to remove the boots and start on my toes with your tongue, He begins sucking and flicking my toes, I tell him to stop and separate each toe individually. Now Suck!!  Make a good job of it slave there’s a reward for good foot lickers hehe

He was enjoying himself, making a meal out of my sweaty feet.

Stand! Get on the inversion table, and accept what’s about to occur. I strap him in and invert him underneath my bottom. Get your greedy mouth open I need to pee. Positioning myself directly over his mouth I let my piss flow, swallowing and gulping like a greedy boy with some fizzy pop lol. Finishing I stand him upright teasing and pinching his nipples

I’m going to put you over my bench warm your arse up with my cat o’ 9 tails whip before I fuck it 😈

Bottom lovely and red I begin to finger his arse, You’ve been dying for this haven’t you? My fuck machines waiting for you. You need some more stretching first taking my time as it’s been such a long wait.

Onto the fuck machine. Never been on here before have you? Today’s your lucky day slave 😈😈

Leaving my machine to do all the work I prepare the electrics and sounds over in the medical area.

Boy oh boy did he enjoy the rhythm of the machine.

We’re finished here now. Pointing over to the electrics. Get over there!!

I allowed my sub 2 orgasms, which he said he’s never done before. Always room for improvement in my presence. He left with a big smile and a spring in his step.

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