A Fantastic 3 Hour Session!

  • December 22, 2018

My 3 hour appointment arrived bang on the time agreed. After letting him in we discussed his likes and dislikes over a nice cup of coffee. He informed me of his love for needles and how he’d like to be a bit more extreme with them. Music to my ears! My mind was racing with ideas.

I ordered him into the medical room.

I started the needle play on his scrotum, making my way up his shaft right to the top of his bellend, then changing the direction of the needles going all the way back down his shaft. I then put 7 needles through his japs eye, putting four of my fingers and lightly lifting the needles that are around the top of his cock so he was slowly raising himself off the bed. This to me was a big buzz, watching him trying to control his whimpers LOL!

He said he’d never had this many needles in his cock and balls, and I’m not too sure how many I actually put in him as I was getting carried away as I do sometimes when I’m playing with them. Taking them out is the best !! I then cleaned him up and told him to crawl into the main dungeon room.

Strapping him down tightly to my bench I began to administer the strap, very lightly at first. Increasing the strength of the strokes, I could see he was drifting into to subspace; taking him deeper with each stroke, I used 5 different straps in total with 200 strokes.

Removing him from my bench I took him to my ceiling suspension. Attaching the cuffs I pulled his arms up above his head as far as they would go.

“Ever been whipped before?”

“No Mistress.”


He was trying to stay still, because I told him if he continued to move and wriggle about I would add another 20 strokes!

“It hurts miss!!”

“Hahaha! That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day, did you think it was going to tickle?”

After a good whipping, I released him and  strapped him to the bench, this time for a flogging.

“Count the strokes!!!”

Once the flogging was over I got him a blanket and left him to recuperate for 10 mins before telling him to get dressed.

A wonderful 3 hours for both of us.

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