Branding My sissy

  • December 16, 2018

On Saturday afternoon my sissy presented herself in my chambers with a couple of new requests. She brought her own razor and shaving foam for me to shave all her pubic hair off! She also requested to be branded, I don’t have a brander but I do have another implement that could do a good job. With these requests my imagination was in full motion.

“Get your sissy arse changed in the pink room. I have placed 3 outfits on the bed with stockings bra and panties and the blonde wig.”

Once was ready I applied some bright red lipstick; it looked perfect.

“Let me put on some music, you can show me your sexy moves!”

She was dancing away having the time of her life, she does a good Slut drop and knows all the right moves. After letting her have her moment I got the shaving foam and razor and pulled down her red panties. She sat on the bed while I humiliated her shaving every pube in sight.

I then get the hot hair straighteners!

“No Mistress please, I’ll be a good Slut!!”

“Hahaha shut up bitch and get your arse in the air!”

I pulled her over to me and lightly touched the skin on her arse cheeks.

“Ouch that hurts!”

“Well you asked to be branded, take it, you only get what you deserve!”

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