A Fantastic Session

  • July 3, 2020

had a fantastic session this morning with a sub I’ve not seen for over a year, I do love when they revisit.
locking his cock into his cage, you are going to wear this throughout the session you are mine now slave, putting the keys inside my bra, I tell him to get over the bench
strapping him down, I lightly scratch his back moving down his body to his balls, cupping his tight balls in my hand I twist them! this is what balls are made for slave, abusing!!
i then thrust my hips against his arse as if I were fucking him, oh yes mistress
moving around to the front of the bench I put his head in between my thighs and proceed to spanking him, not hard but enough for the colour to rush to his cheeks
you like your head between my legs don’t you slave?
teasing him with my movements, I go back behind him, gloves on and lube applied
i going to tickle your butt hole slave, he seems to like this! inserting one finger I penetrate his anus.
wish it was a real cock don’t you.? yes mistress, another time slave.
using the pinwheel on his balls, lightly at first 😈
unstrapping him from the bench I put him in the toilet box
I’m going to sit on my toilet while I watch you relieve yourself, then you must clean yourself up!! didn’t take him long before he was exposing
hardly surprising with the view above him.

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