A hour session with My female sub

  • April 16, 2020

3 hours of total power exchange with my female sub, she arrives on time as usual, never late this one, bell rings, I’ve a lot of plans for her today.

Opening the door I order her in, on your knees bitch while I collar you!

Taking her straight in the downstairs dungeon, I set up the vac bed while she gets undressed, thought I’d start with some bondage first, she loved the vacbed while inside I tease her clit with the vibrator, building her up to orgasim, and boy does she squirt!!

Her juices flowing, I carry on until she’s spent, time for you to come out, I’ve not finished with you yet. You know I love to give your arse a good thrashing don’t you? Up you go, straight over the bench!

I’m going to give you a judicial caning, you’ve not had one yet and I’ve decided it’s now time! You’ve got to earn those stripes!!

Starting with the thinnest of my canes I proceed to give her, her first strokes.

After the 20th I move on to a more thicker cane, the sound on impact is music to my ears another 20 before moving on to my more severe canes, in total she takes 120, I show no mercy to my bitch, because she’s exactly that my bitch

Sliding my strapon inside her now soaking wet pussy I fuck her like I’ve never fucked her before hard and fast, moaning beneath me for more

When she can no longer give any more of her juices I unstrap her

Time for your whipping!

Once strapped to the cross I lightly flick the whip across her back, she gasps, straightening her back, ready for the next strike, I encourage her to take more for me, clasping one hand on her breast

I whisper in her ear, you are my pain slut, you will take more for your mistress, until I decide when you’ve had enough

Stepping back with the whip, I crack it hard across her back and again and and again, sweating I take her down to the Medical room

She’s well in sub space at this point

I finish her of with needle play, and electrics

A fantastic time was had, she emerged from the bathroom glowing , beaming smile

She thanked me for an amazing session

You’re very welcome my dear bitch xx

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