Adult Baby Play

  • May 12, 2020
My adult baby (twiddle) will soon be arriving, he will bring his milk, juice and nappies with him
Once he arrives he goes straight to the bathroom to get changed
Nappy on,dummy in his mouth he’s ready for mummy to feed him
As I pour the milk into the baby bottle 🍼 twiddle starts to rub his pathetic tiny cock
What are you doing?
Leave your tiny cock alone until I tell you otherwise, now sit on mummy’s lap with your head back and drink your feed
Stopping after he’d drunk an ounce, I check his nappy to see if he’s had any accidents
Yes just what I thought, you’ve pissed your nappy you naughty boy, turn over with your bottom in the air, doing as he’s told I rip the nappy of, and slap his arse, wriggling, are you!! , I’ll soon sort that out my dear boy
With one of my legs I wrap it over my baby’s legs, you won’t be able to move now twiddle slap slap slap
After 10 hard slaps, I put his wet nappy back on, you can suffer in your dirty nappy while you eat your din dins
Opening a jar of his favourite mushy food, I spoon feed him
After you’ve had your dinner you can have a nap
Do not poo in your nappy or I’ll make you eat it
That isn’t a threat he knows what the consequences are if he does, he will eat his own waste as I’m his mummy and mummy knows best..
He did make a mess with it all in his teeth, pissing in his baby bottle I pass it to him, drink this and get that shit of your teeth, it’s time you went home, get in the shower once you’ve drunk all mummy’s nice warm pee
Then I’ll put you a clean nappy on to go home in That’s a good baby 👶

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