A Testimonial From My Leather Fetishist

  • February 20, 2020

I arrived at the chambers of Mistress V, 15 minutes late. Upon my arrival Mistress opened the door, my heart racing as I could hear the sound of her leather high heeled boots coming down the stairs.

“Go up the stairs!” She ordered in her strict tone. “Go and strip and put on these leather pants bitch” she commanded. I obeyed mistress and changed into my black leather jockstrap.

“Now bring me my tribute in your mouth, and crawl on all fours to me” Mistress then ordered me to kiss her boots and suck her gloves. Her presence is so alluring and she looked fantastic in her leather.

After much teasing and tormenting, I was taken to the edge of my senses, struggling not to explode, such was my desire and temptation for her leather. I will leave the details to your imagination.

Suffice to say the mistress is an expert in the dark arts, and as one who enjoys delve into such realms, I was taken to another dimension.

Sexy, alluring, fun, Mistress V is all of these. I will certainly be begging for more.

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