A Longer Meeting with Mistress V

  • July 5, 2019

At last, after a long delay, a second longer visit to Mistress V. I`d had a short visit some time ago when Mistress was in Her old premises. True, the old premises were a bit confined, but then again, I was there to serve a Mistress! Nevertheless, the new premises are a significant step-up. Easy to find, with off-road parking, and if you arrive early then skip up the road and park in the Wickes car park; you could even pop in to buy something, rope, sink plunger, let your imagination wander -:). Anyway, in the side door, up the “Stairway to Heaven” and into Mistress` domain. Mistress has done a great job; one room is a Sissy Room, one room a Medical Room, and one room a general bondage/CP-type room, plus kitchen and bathroom, so a fair bit of space really. I enjoyed two of the rooms, and actually used all three! Lots of “articles” about, shoes, photo`s and similar; it is Mistress` Domain! An added bonus is the large garden, essentially not overlooked; I spent a short time in the garden sucking Mistress` feet (better than gardening).
So, what did we get up to? Well, you`re going to have to use your imagination, but that`s not really important, is it ! I`ve been visiting Mistresses for a good 15 years or so, and I don`t need to state the obvious, it`s the Mistress who counts! Mistress V is a stable individual, good sense of humour, chatty with a smile, listens to you, watches you, responds to you and responds with you. She is comfortable to be with, easy to respect and importantly genuinely able to trust. If you are looking for a Mistress, a new Mistress, or you are just beginning, then Mistress V could be your ideal choice, a Mistress to bond with, to trust and to be led by. She will listen to you, She`ll push you, and you`ll be drawn into Her wonderful world. To discover your submission you need to take a journey; who will you take that journey with?
After my meeting today I shall certainly sleep well, and I`ve just had a look at my/Her marks, very nice, always good to have a momentum, thank You Mistress !

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