Testimonial from Peter

  • June 24, 2019

Arrived for two hour session to find Mistress V looking fabulous as usual.

After a quick chat I soon found myself attached to the spanking bench. Mistress proceeded to give me quite a hard hand spanking on my buttocks and upper thighs, which in itself was very enjoyable. As she was doing this she explained that she was giving me a particularly thorough warm up in order that she would be able to deliver some hard punishment without leaving any lasting marks. Being told this gave me both feelings of anticipation and slight apprehension. If the warm up was anything to go by , the more serious punishment would certainly be severe. Indeed it was, but of course I enjoyed every minute of it. To finish this part of the session Mistress gave me 30-40 hard cane strokes. On this occasion every stroke was sufficiently hard to challenge my limits, and at several points I only seemed able to continue with encouragement from Mistress.

After some quite intense nipple torture – a favourite session activity of mine – we moved into the medical room. Here a rubber mask was placed over my head. This restricted my breathing somewhat and severely reduced my field of vision. Next it was onto the bench where I was restrained with a belt and, whilst I could not really see what was going on, the sound of needles being taken from packets was unmistakable. Time to take a deep breath whilst anxiously wondering where the needles were going!

Mistress then proceeded to place the needles just under my skin in a row down the side of my abdomen. The first few felt quite intense as they were inserted but by the time the last few were being put in place the process had become quite enjoyable.

Next Mistress announced her intention to repeat the process, but on the other side with longer thicker gauge needles. I was concerned that this might prove to be too intense for me, and indeed the first few were very challenging. However as further needles were added I found myself falling more and more deeply into subspace. At my request Mistress removed the mask from my head before continuing to add more needles. By this stage all I could do was giggle and sigh loudly with pleasure. When Mistress finally stopped adding needles all I could say was ‘It feels like I am floating in a sea of endorphins’.

Overall this was an amazing experience.

Not long ago I though needle play looked quite scary. However I was keen to try it, and Mistress V gave me a gentle introduction. It still looks scary to me, but it is also become absolutely irresistible. It helps tremendously that Mistress v is such an enthusiastic and experienced practitioner of this type of play.

If the idea of taking the ‘express train’ to subspace appeals to you, I suggest you visit Mistress V for some needle play. When you do, please remind her to restock with needles for my next visit!

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