Orgasm after orgasm – a testimonial

  • December 10, 2020

After lockdown a session was much needed. As always no pre session chat just that I needed stress relief.

As always mistress knows exactly what I need.. Wrapped in cling film and inside the body bag hooded so I feel nice and enclosed. Just how I like it, vibe to my clit and cig burns on my pussy and I’m lowered into subspace worrying about nothing but having orgasm after orgasm.

Moving onto the whipping bench mistress puts electro pads onto my bum and sets them going.. whilst she busy sorting things out… for herself.. and electro anal probe! In it goes and twisted round in intense pleasure and pain.. until she decides I’ve had enough and wants to fuck me herself.

What followed was the hardest and best fucking of my life. Followed by whipping gently before moving onto being harder and harder.

Can’t wait to be back in the new year for more

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