A novice client

  • January 5, 2019

Friday morning and my new slave arrived; opening the the door I saw a very nervous young man.

“Come in and go upstairs.”

I offered him a drink, we then sat and have a little chat. He told me he was a novice and had never been to see a Mistress before. Brilliant I do love a novice!

After he’d finished his drink, I told him to undress in the main play room, and on entering the room he shyly looked in my direction.

“Look at the floor boy not me, unless I instruct you otherwise!!”

During our chat he did mention he’d like to try sounds, but not until we’ve played in my favourite room.

I stood in front of him looking straight at his face, telling him he’s my new virgin and I will pop his cherry before he leaves here today.

I used a shoe lace and tied his cock and balls, pulling it nice and tight on the tip of his cock, which at this point was hard as rock, and once tied, I gave it a hard slap!

With him being a novice I had to be cautious as I didn’t know his limits. I then proceeded to tie him with rope, arms bound behind his back.

“Open your mouth!”

The taste of my spit made his cock even harder.Slap!!!!

Moving onto his nipples lightly squeezing them,adding pegs and pinching them together with my fingers made my newbie stand on his tip toes.

“Are you a ballerina!! Hahaha!”

Untying him I put him on my Cross, then ightly flogged his bottom and the back of his legs.

We then moved into the medical room for the sounds. Laying on the medical bed I straddled across him, sitting my arse over his nose and mouth. I inserted the thinnest sound first. Wriggling my arse all over his face while I masturbated him with hand and sound. He was in subspace heaven breathing in the sweet scent of my pussy.

Wish you were him? Call me to book and it could be your face I’m sitting on

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