A One-Sided Wrestling Match!

  • February 25, 2021

Cock and balls in the vice tightly screwed down for the journey to the chambers.

I do love my slut, so much so she’s going to be wearing one of my bikinis for our wrestling match.

“Do you like my colour of choice slut?”

“Of course you do, get it on!”

Once in the bikini I use a scissor hold on her and bring her down on her knees then onto her back. Pining her arms down with my shins. Laughing I put a bunch of nettles inside the bikini bottoms, this will make you jolt haha

I then get my riding crop and begin to crop its balls.

I do this until it submits

Once it submits I order it back on its feet

Pulling its arms so it’s tangled in them and jerk it onto the floor again this time I tease it with the doxy all over its red stung balls. This is hilarious

Allowing its little shrimp dick to leak, I then take a few nettle leafs and put them inside its panties

Get dressed time to drop you off.

Off we go, squeezing its balls every now and then

See you soon, for another one sided match 😂😂😂

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