An intense session with My Female sub

  • February 20, 2021

Strapped onto the inversion table blind folded, ear defenders on and my hair clips that are serrated so have a nasty pinch attached to my bitch’s nipples she likes the pain and sensory deprivation sessions.
Pulling the inversion table down so her heads in between my thighs I turn the doxy on and begin to tease her clit, It’s her first experience of orgasming while upside down and she’s loving it I can get my hands every where they need to be, flicking the clasps on her tits she gasps. I rub her clit harder while teasing her face with my arse. She organisms a little puddle on the floor.
She’ll be cleaning that up with her tongue when we’ve finished but before that I want my bitch on the fucking machine I want her to feel like she’s had a good hard fucking, Cuffing her to the bondage board I line the cock up with her pussy, No need for any lube her pussy was dripping.
A Slow rhythm to start with, I use the riding crop on her arse cheeks telling her to speed it up as I turn the dial a much faster rhythm to which she’s riding has hard as she could, Another organism
Moaning in ecstasy, more bitch I want more
Cropped hard across her backside she has another and another she’s spent.bondage board full of her juice
I want you to clean yourself up and get over my bench
I lightly whip her arse to get her back into subspace every so often I’d rub her pussy,Your loving that aren’t you you filthy bitch
swishing my whip through the air down onto her cheeks ah the sounds she’s making is like music to my ears
Now over to the medical bench for some face sitting
What a reward for your efforts.
Leaving with a massive smile she said I feel fucked!
🤣😈 just how you should feel x

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