A session with My female sub

  • December 7, 2020

Wrapping my female sub in cling wrap 5 layers before she goes into the body bag
I make a hole where her pussy is and zip her up to the middle of her thighs .
Hooded and mummified I wedge the vibrator in between her pussy
Lighting a cigarette I take a pull and lean over her blowing my smoke into the holes in the hood
Inhale my second hand smoke ,covering the nostrils with my fingers
Swallow it !
Moving down to her dripping pussy with my cigarette I press it onto her bare flesh she jolts her cunt forwards , turning the vibrator onto a higher level I burn her pussy again just above her clit , Moaning in ecstasy as she has her first climax
With my thumb I rub her clit . More slave i want more Upping the level
With my double pinwheel I run it across her tits , down her stomach and on to her sore mound
She’s in total sub space , One more organism and i’m going to free you and fuck you over my bench with my electro anal probe

Once she’s free she’s over my bench and strapped down
Sticking some electro pads to each arse cheek I insert the probe , twisting around as slowly as i can so she can feel the intensity of the probe deep inside her , she’s back in her zone , having another organism,I don’t stop i carry on at a faster pace
She’s loving every second
Taking the probe out of her dripping pussy I replace it with my black 6 inch strapon
Grabbing her hair I start to fuck her , Take my cock you filthy slut Take it all
I slap her arse she’s now riding my cock as she should into another orgasim , slowing it down I take out my cock and pick up my cat-o nine tails and lightly whip her pussy before I start on her arse
Beautiful red cheeks
Pushing my cock in her for one final organism I fuck her hard real hard until she’s gushing all over my cock
Was all she could manage to whisper
See you in the new year for more orgasmic adventures 😈

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