A session with My wrestling slave

  • October 18, 2021

After Picking my slave up from a local train station I find some where secluded for it to get undressed and into something more appropriate, a red bikini it then puts its own clothes back on ready for the journey to my chambers.

We arrive at the chambers where I have another outfit for it to wear handing it over I order it to the bathroom , it has to change into an all in one black shiny body stocking with a hood,while I slip into my wrestling outfit, ordering it out of the toilet and over to my feet we begin our wrestling match it’s quite funny as it always comes with new moves to show me and it always fails miserably you can’t beat mistress! she also has some excellent moves, for the grand finale I attach my e-stim turning it on to a very high level I get submission after submission fantastic not every day you get to wrestle with electrics attached, it can never win

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