A Short Notice Booking

  • October 4, 2018

The gentleman called at 1.30. I was already in My dungeon. He said he was 40 minutes away.

He gave Me a brief rundown of how he’d like the session to go. Mmm bondage, and sensual pain! After our brief phone conversation I changed into more appropriate attire.

Pulling My pants on and fastening My shoes, My mind began to fill with ideas. Erotic and sensual bondage. Flogging. I just love it!

On his arrival he was told to strip naked. Once naked I ordered him into My dungeon.

I selected red rope to match My nails

“Slave Stand with your arms behind your back!”

Going behind him I prepared My rope!! I started at the tops of his arms. Two loops, one arm in each, I worked My way down to his wrists, making sure he was securely bound. Dragonfly sleeve ready, I turned him around to face Me.

I slowly ran My nails over his chest, digging My nails in slightly. Moving down to his nipples, lightly tweaking them. I then changed tactics and moved onto My weighted nipple clamps. On attaching them to his nipples, he let out a slight scream.

I picked up My pinwheel and ran it up and down his stiff cock, teasing him all the while with My opened blouse showing just about enough cleavage. I stopped and brought him over to My favourite piece of furniture: My bench!!

Untying him, I ordered him over the bench, strapping him in, then I proceeded with the Flogger and finished our session by thrashing him!!

Women rule!!

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