Mind F*ck!

  • September 23, 2018

Slave entered my room, naked. Embarrassed and humiliated.

“Get on your knees!!” I instructed.

With the blindfold in my hand, I slowly walked around my Slave, and once he was kneeling facing the wall, I put the blindfold on him, taunting him about all the wicked things I wasabout to do to him. I then put the collar and chain on him.

“Kiss my feet Slave, left foot first!”

As he kissed and licked my feet, I told him I was going to break him and make him mine.  But he has got a lot of training to do as I have big plans for him.  And he of course is not ready yet!

After worshiping my feet, I took the strap from the wall; it was only the small one but he didn’t knowbecause he was blindfolded.

Helping him to the bench, I strapped him down slowly and securely..

“Are you ready to take what I have for you?”

“Yes Mistress, I’ll take anything for you!”

With that I began, pacing myself with each stroke so it wasn’t to much for him to handle. Once I got to 20 the colour of his cheeks was a light pink.

“Time to switch it up a bit, Slave.”

Moving up to the bigger wider strap, I continued, same pace, harder strokes.

“Once I have finished with this strap I’m going to fuck you!!”

I had no intention of fucking him at this point; I just wanted to watch him squirm!

40 strokes later, I got my strapon on and lubed it up, going between my slave’s legs, making sure to catch the inside of his leg, teasing him with my cock

“Your cunts wet isn’t it bitch?”

“A little Miss” was the slut’s reply

Inserting my cock, I slowly eased it in and out until my slave started to relax and keep in rhythm . Getting harder and faster, I build it up.

“Faster Mistress, I need your cock!!”

“You’re going to be sucking my cock bitch, get your Slut mouth open!!”

Pulling my cock from his ars,e I walked around him so he was directly facing my cock.

“Now suck it!!”

Slapping his face and telling him how shit he is at it, I instructed him to slow down.

“It’s not a fucking race hahahaha.”

“Let me try the fuck machine!”

“No I couldn’t possibly go on that Mistress”

“Really! You have no choice!!!”

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