A Testimonial

  • June 22, 2020

I want to explore BDSM. I want a life in BDSM. Yes I do. I dream of these things, I research the internet, I like many posts on twitter. Ultimately though I have to take a step. A step into the dark world of BDSM. I choose carefully. Mistress V seems perfect. Intellectual yet filthy. Caning, whipping, toilet training, degradation whilst dressed in a hot dress and designer high heels. I arrange. 5 days before I get cold feet after a night of wine, surfing the same posts that got me interested. She assures me. I’ll look after you she says. I arrive. I did it. Clothes off, shower, she tells me from beyond the door to crawl like a dog to the play area. Rope bondage including my dog balls as she calls them against the cross. I am immobilised. Ball kicks, cock whipping, flipped for ass and back whipping. Relentless so much so I have to beg for water. I am severely marked. She gives me a sip before dowsing me in water. More punishment subsequent. Next time I’m going to fuck your ass. Stretch you and fit all my cocks in you. But your caning isn’t finished yet bitch. Bloodied marked I shower post session. We chat afterwards and love our work. She knows i’ll be back for my anal training.

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