A Testimonial

  • June 24, 2020

This was only my second visit of two hours to see Mistress V, largely because I have moved 140 miles away, but the memory of my first visit remains so potent that I knew I had to see her again before I burst with frustration. I have previously tended to go for large, curvy, even full-figured women in the past because of my trampling/crushing fetish but what Mistress V presents as a very slim Mistress who more than compensates for size with inventiveness, a sensuality which oozes out, a sadism which is obvious and extreme and assured safety, so I felt very safe under her command. She could read me so well.

I had asked Mistress to wear a very short tight styled mini-skirt and a selection of shoes/boots with the most evil heels so that she could really hurt me when she trampled on me. When I arrived, she had dressed according to my fantasy in a black PVC mini-skirt and thigh length black boots with high thin stiletto heels. She restrained me on the floor and on my back and proceeded to trample all over me, digging in her heels at certain places and then going on to jump up and down on me, eliciting several gasps of pain, awe and adoration. She really was that gorgeous. She then ordered me to lie on my front and handcuffed me behind my back, thus rendering me defenceless. She proceeded to give my back the same treatment.

From there, wearing a pair of high stiletto heeled shoes she moved me on to her St Andrew’s Cross to which she strapped me. Her torture methods were face slapping, spitting, pinching and twisting my nipples, burning my nipples and balls with a cigarette, mocking, humiliating, taunting and laughing at me. She was so alluring as she exacted her torture upon me.

From the cross, we moved back to the floor. For this part of the session, she wore some shoes with high chunky heels and a lot of evil spikes jutting out from all parts of the shoes, particularly the uppers. She used these spikes to gouge the flesh all over my body, really ripping into me and leaving real scratches. That was my choice and the bruises and scratches which Mistress gave me are, to me, real trophies from my visit. She is one sexy woman and is both the best sadist and the best tease whom I have visited over a course of many years. I hope to return again as soon as possible.
Thank you so much, Mistress.

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