You can’t beat a bit of cling film!

  • June 8, 2021

Slave wrapped in cling wrap from the neck down, I begin to weave my web with the rope I bind him tighter there is no escape, I leave a hole in the cling wrap in line with his cock and balls, Pulling them through the hole I attach my bucket weights to his balls. I love cbt I get a great sense of satisfaction as I bring my riding crop down slapping the buckets and down on his cock, laughing at his attempts to keep still without falling over.Ear defenders and blindfold on I allow my slave a sniff of poppers before leading him to my bench.

Cutting him free from the wrap I dress it in a cute maids outfit once dressed I order it into the body bag zipping it inside I then I pull my rope through the loops pulling it hard so the rope is tightening from the feet to the neck.restrictive bondage haha

Leaving it’s head free to use as my seat.

I put my doxy on full and place it between the rope just under its balls.

I can tell my slave loves being in this predicament by the muffled noises it’s making under my arse.

I will deny you the privilege of cumming slave but I will piss in your mouth and you will drink it all up,Open your mouth and swallow!!! Happy with his piss drinking I release him and send him on his way.

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