A Testimonial

  • June 23, 2019

It was a long-awaited visit that I was very much looking forward to.

I ascended the stair to Mistress’ lair. In a previous communication I mentioned nettles, silly me ha ha. After a brief chat I was taken into the main playroom and strapped to Mistress’s whipping bench. The deal was that after being punished with a leather strap, then a thinner one it was followed by a number of cane strokes I would be allowed to worship Mistress’s body. However after tenderising my behind the nettles were brought out to play. It was quite obvious that Mistress was enjoying herself. My bottom , cock and balls were on fire.

Next I was taken into another room whereupon Mistress laid on her table and allowed me to give her the worship that she deserved. Such fun, I was in heaven…..

Mistress then laid her pink body bag out and told me to wriggle into it. It was zipped up and then ropes were used to tightly restrain me. A gas mask was put on me with a bottle of Mistresses champagne connected to one side and another tube to provide me with some aroma. A terrific experience I can tell you. I was drifting off into subspace, mm yes. ☺️

After Mistress had had her fun with me she tied my cock and balls tightly and said that I must go home like that. Much later I asked permission to remove the binding. As I did so I could still feel the nettle stings.

Another wonderful session with Mistress V. I am already planning my next visit. 😍😍😘

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