A Testimonial from My pin cushion

  • April 3, 2021

Sat in bus station waiting to see Mistress get a text reminding me to bring Mistress V a coffee and left door unlocked . Got to mistress look up the stairs sore a 80’s rock chick all dressed in leather leather jacket and skirt and killer high heels .once i give mistress the coffee. instructed to undress and put the hood on then bend over the beach. We’re she straps me down and had fun warming me up with flogging then inserted to needle into my balls for fun then carried on with flogging then cane came out to warm my checks up. After giving good starting with nice good fucking with strap on then after replaced order on my back with a fuel in my mouth to get reward bring a coffee my special bend of hot dink straight from mistress.

then came needle time onto bench gather tape to bench stop me from wiggle and big strip over my mouth stop me giggle needles in nipples and electro pain with sound end of session more fresh juice and more shocks then kissing mistress furm bum and an extra treat.

Pincushion all 4 mistress v

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