A Testimonial from a sub I met at Pedestal

  • September 29, 2018

Hello – do you and Pip remember chatting to Jerry, who lives in the Midlands and has met Mistress Athena? You addressed me about the canes I was carrying about and made a very welcome offer of play. Thank you very much for caning me – I didn’t do as well for play at Ped this time as I have in the past and might have felt a bit of a Billy No-mates without your input (I exaggerate a bit – got caned by 4 women in total, and that’s a lot more than most people manage in a lifetime – but then they don’t want to, do they?). As well as accurate caning you were good at saying the magical words “bend over”, and that’s valuable to me. It’s the details…

Anyway, that’s what I planned to say. I do come up your way sometimes as I said – perhaps you could inform me when you’re doing interesting stuff if you think of me in future. Devotion in (near) Birmingham is quite a good femdom event, thrice yearly and with a loyal crowd – perhaps you’d like to come to that one day. Trample Temptress from Pedestal is one of the organisers of it.

I will contact Athena and see if by any chance shse remembers me. I agree that she’s extremely nice.

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