A Testimonial from My new sub

  • October 6, 2020

My first visit to Mistress V – A New players experience

My very first experience in to Bondage did not begin with Mistress V. I have been a secret submissive fantasists for a few years and this past few months I decided to act on my Kinks. I went to see another mistress before I had even found Mistress V and the experience left me unfulfilled.

I first Contacted Mistress V via the website i outlined my desires as a submissive and my need to serve. Mistress was quick to respond and before I knew it we had a session Booked.

( The day of our session arrives ) I call Mistress V to confirm my attendance and she supplied me with the address and instructions. I walked through the door 8 Minutes early and a euphonious voice flows down the Stairs ( lock the door and come up ). I remember thinking that’s it I’m now in Mistress V’s world. I walked up stairs and as I reached the top Mistress V was stood there with a warm welcoming smile. She handed me a face mask ( For social Distancing reasons ) and invited me to come kneel at her feet to discuss my kinks, experiences and what it was I wanted to gain from our time together. At this point I remember thinking to myself how beautiful Mistresses eyes were peaking out from behind her mask and how I wanted to impress her with my obedience and willingness to hand myself over for her pleasure.

After our chat mistress ordered me over to the changing room and told me to strip naked I did this without a second thought I folded my clothes and presented my naked body to mistress. In a firm Voice Mistress told me to stand under the A frame legs speed wide exposing my my genitalia. Mistress cuffed my ankles to the Board and shackled my hands behind my back eyes coved and ear defenders on . At this point i had no control and my sole purpose was being a play thing for Mistress V’s enjoyment. I remember everything that was done to me while I was shackled to the Frame ( but that’s for me ) I will say that Mistress V has the most seductive look in her eyes as she has her way with you.

After Mistress had done with my exposed body she untied me and ordered me over to her pegging Bench. I was tied down and before I know it I was no longer an anal virgin. Mistress seemed to take pride in fucking my ass as she firmly thrust her dildo inside me again and again.

After the pegging I was locked inside a tall slim cage with my balls literally in a vice. I could see mistress V was having so much fun as I was locked up unable to move as she played with me. The pride I felt as Mistress Recorded me was unreal.

I was then ordered inside the bondage bag zipped inside Mistress placed a gas mask over my head and added poppers ( my first experience with them ). I was a very lucky boy because mistress wanted to use my face as a stool unable to move mistress placed her perfect arse on my face. Mistress then decided my cock needed some more work and she added Electricity to it. ( this is a must for anyone ). Having electricity pulsing through your cock with a sharp unexpected jolt at Mistress V’s desecration is the best feeling ever.

With our session coming to an end I can safely say it was exactly what I was looking for in a first time experience as soon as I was bound and vulnerable I fell in to the fabled sub space and didn’t want it to end. I can’t stop thinking about it even know as I write this I am thinking when can I return to see Mistress V knowing full well the limits will be pushed even further. After all My pain is Mistress V’s pleasure !.

Thank you for the most amazing time mistress I hope my words have managed to do justice to your skill wisdom and Beauty.

Your new Sub S.

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