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Fantastic Session with My human toilet

  • October 13, 2020
Fantastic session with my human toilet this morning .

Having met this shit eater before there was no need for a presession chat .
Get your self undressed slave then present yourself to me .
emerging from the bathroom naked , On your knees slave and crawl over here .
Get your collar on .
I’m going to parade you around my playroom before i have my wicked way with you .
After i’d walked him around i stop at my bench , over you go shit eater 
Strapping him down tightly , You’ll not be able to wriggle around this time slave !
Your  going to except your spanking and thank me for it . 
Once his cheeks were a light pink , i surprise my slave with the vibrator massaging deep into  his cock and balls .
His little cock dribbling i begin to massage his butt hole with gloved fingers , when we’re you last fucked ? 
A while ago mistress .
Today’s your lucky day birthday boy , i have been eating lots since you booked your session , saving my shit just for you .
Before you have the honour and privilege i’m going to fuck your arse slowly so you can feel every ripple of my cock deep inside you then you can clean it with your filthy potty mouth .
The noises coming from this horny fucks mouth .
Your breakfast has brewed up nicely .
Taking it from the bench i open the toilet box, in you go .
Cuffed and inside , i piss straight into its mouth , crouching down a little more i deliver its breakfast it doesn’t land on target , i pick it up quite a firm shit so i make him bite it . Chew !
My hands over its mouth so it can’t spit any out , Swallow !
Have another bite , it wimpers  i can’t eat anymore . 
Open your mouth and bite it ! 
Once again i cover its mouth , now fucking swallow it !  
Happy with its efforts , Go and clean yourself up then get on the medical bench .
Electro play to finish the session off .. See you soon shit breath !

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