A Double Orgasm – the sub’s perspective!

  • April 2, 2021

A Double Orgasm – the sub’s perspective!

It had been some time since i last had the opportunity to visit Mistress V and this was to be the continuation of my journey into Her world of Female Dominance and service. My precise recollection of the events of the following hours is somewhat hazy as Mistress set out to stretch my limits in a number of different ways and I was soon drifting through subspace under her control and care.

Mistress took no time in re-establishing our relationship, with me naked on my knees, worshipping Her blue-grey knee-length leather boots, before being given the honour of easing them off Her shapely legs and being instructed to worship Her petite size 5 feet. Taking my time, i paid particular care to each and every delightful digit as i recalled how much Mistress appreciated such attention to detail. i obviously performed adequately as Mistress went to Her cage and retrieved my collar and chain, for so long hanging in Her care. As Mistress fastened it around my neck, a feeling of warmth and completeness suffused my entire body – i was in my rightful place once again, ready, willing and able to serve my Mistress as She desired and directed.

Standing in front of Mistress, a spiked cock ring was swiftly padlocked around my pathetic member and with a little encouragement from Mistress, the spikes soon started to make their presence felt. Mistress knows that i appreciate the feeling of being helpless in Her presence, a feeling i first came to appreciate on my second ever visit. The soft red cord was swiftly bound around me in the intricate Dragonfly binding which Mistress excels at, leaving me encased in an intricate corset binding my hands to my sides and tightening around what had been my dangly bits – by now not so dangly and certainly constricted! Mistress ordered me to shuffle forward as She retrieved a medieval looking pillory from against the wall – you can guess what was soon clamped tightly between the jaws of the device! Now completely immobilised (any attempt to move would have resulted in an unwelcome visit to A&E), Mistress lightly teased my nipples before firmly adorning them with nipple clamps. Tugging on the attached cord, Mistress was soon stretching and teasing those little points of pleasure and pain. Replacing these with clamps with buckets attached, Mistress continued to tease and torment before deciding that there was insufficient weight in them. Adding ball weights into each bucket, my nips were soon heading for the floor, being stretched well beyond their normal extent. Mistress finally relented and tugged the clamps free – now that did nip! Thanking Mistress, I was allowed once again to worship Her tantalising tootsies – more awkwardly this time with my hands still firmly bound to my sides making balancing a bit more difficult – Mistress likes to make things interesting!

Unstrapping me, i was shown how to position myself on Mistress’ inversion table – yet another new addition to Mistress’ impressive range of equipment since my last visit. Somewhat apprehensively, i positioned myself as instructed and was soon reclined at an angle of about 30 degrees head down, but feeling securely strapped in. Mistress offered me Her special champagne, which i was only too happy to accept, having worked up a thirst during our previous activity. Whilst still inverted, i was invited to suck Mistress’ cvck – again a new experience for me. It wasn’t the infamous BBC portrayed in Mistress’ photo galleries, but it was certainly big enough for me. Obviously need to loosen my jaws up in time for our next session!

With no time to recover, i was ordered to get my a*** over the bench, at which point i was firmly strapped down. My concern grew when Mistress shackled my wrists as well – this was new! When first i sessioned with Mistress, physical chastisement was not on my agenda; however, by my second visit Mistress had first introduced me to the experience of spanking. From then on, contact play has been a part of our sessions, but in a controlled and measured sense, with Mistress always respecting my request not to be left with any long-term marks. Today, Mistress had obviously decided to stretch my limits – i had foolishly indicated that i deserved some punishment. Mistress started off with a gentle spanking, gradually increasing the tempo and pressure as my cheeks started to turn pink and i was eased into subspace. There then followed an increasingly intense session, where Mistress worked through a light paddle, the heavy-duty broad leather tawse so elegantly modelled in some of the images, the new red and black striped single tail whip and finishing with the Cat-o-Nine tails. Mistress had not lost Her touch – although many of the blows were fierce and caused me to writhe on Her bench, by the time i left chambers my buttocks showed no obvious signs of the thrashing i’d taken. So for anyone who has contemplated approaching a Professional Dominatrix for chastisement, but is concerned about being marked, i would have no fear about a session with Mistress V (provided you make your limitations clear in Mistress’ pre-session chat). On the other hand, if stripes are your thing …

The treats kept on coming. Still strapped to the bench, Mistress elegantly presented Her delightful, tastefully clothed derriere in front of my face and commanded me to worship. Well, who would refuse such an offer? Moving behind me, Mistress started preparing me for yet another treat today – Her fvcking machine! We’d talked about this some time ago but hadn’t managed to get around to it (so to speak). So many new toys, implements and sensations today! Positioning myself in front of the machine, i was initially propelled almost halfway across the chamber as the power surged on. Fortunately, that was just a calibration issue, swiftly sorted out; soon the machine was rhythmically doing its thing and the initial discomfort rapidly disappeared as i became used to the sensations. Slowly increasing the power, the machine’s rhythm increased as the gentle stroking became a more insistent pounding. By now i was leaning backwards into each stroke until, as capricious as ever, Mistress switched it off and ordered me across to the medical area.

Moving across to the medical table, i was soon lying flat as Mistress produced Her e-stim kit and wired me up. The gentle vibration rose in intensity gradually as Mistress increased the power, By the time i was jerking around like a marionette on strings, we decided that was perhaps a bit too much, and Mistress decreased the power slightly to a mere torment level. Mistress is mischievous – judicious application of a pin wheel increased the prickling sensation in my groin, and then the ‘piece de resistance’ – Mistress produced a sound which She expertly introduced to the play. By now i was so deep in subspace that the crew of the USS Enterprise would have taken 50 years to find me, never mind their 5 year mission! Aware only of the incredible sensations being created by Mistress, i was floating in a void of semi-consciousness, before my entire nervous system gave up the ghost and i convulsed in a series of spasms that seemed to last for ever, being prolonged by Mistress’ expert ministrations. Not just a happy ending – an ecstatic burst of never-ending exuberant release and a first for me.

As ever, throughout every session i’ve had the pleasure to share with Mistress, my introduction to new or enhanced experiences was carefully and safely choreographed by Mistress, with consideration for my capabilities, experience and wishes; firm and stern where the play demands it, but always seeking to make it a pleasurable and mutually enjoyable time. No doubt, however, that if your desire is a strict, demanding mistress, Mistress V is equally capable of delivering that experience. In summary, Mistress V delivers on the content of what Her social media and web-sites promise.

My journey with Mistress V continues …

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