A Testimonial from paula

  • June 15, 2020

I booked a two hour session with mistress v ive been seeing her for over a year now and each time gets better well i arrived on time as i dare not be late for her i got my clothes together what I was going to wear then got out the car and rang the bell my heart was beating faster , i waited a moment and heard Mistress open the and with the greeting of GET UP STAIRS SLUT I then rushed up stairs then Mistress with that glint in her eyes said get in the room and get ready which i did i dressed in my cat suit thigh boots and wig then she said when your ready come in to my room ,i entered the play room where she said walk round slut i like to see this time mistress was dressed in black PVC dress and shoes with a surgical mask on i have the bench ready for you slut get your arse over it now so i can tie you down which i did she then tied me and collared me my heart at this time was racing not knowing what was going to happen to me the only thing i could hear was the tip tap of her heels as she was preparing mmmm i am going to warm you now slave she said i then new i was going to get punished she feed me my poppers then the cane which i took like a good girl i am going to fuck you with my strapon soon slut she said then she ordered me to fuck her bench like a slut which pleased her she then fucked me hard with her strapon and made me clean it with my mouth afterwards then i was untied then ordered into the medical room lay down on the bench slut she said i did as told right bitch she said time for sounds and electro play she then put electrodes on my cock and balls and with a smile turned on the unit which had me jumping poppers please Mistress i ask ok slut she said the she lub up my cock and inserted the sounds small at first working up to the bigger ones i wanted to cum there and then but that would mean more punishment she then showed me the electro sound boy was that big and still with the glint in her eyes she pushed it in what a feeling wow then Mistress allowed me to cum Thank you Mistress i said every session with mistress v gets better and better i am glad to be her slut

Thank You Mistress V
your slut paula xxx

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