A Testimonial from B

  • August 27, 2019

In my humble opinion, as a submissive very humble, Mistress V is extraordinary. I’ve visited Her several times now and each session has built on the last to push my limits and take me into a deeper, more intense sub space than I could have imagined.

I relished every moment as She ordered me over Her whipping bench and fastened the restraints tightly. I was completely at Her mercy. Dressed in Her erotically charged black silk nuns costume, She selected an array of straps, floggers and tawses that I was to be punished with. And as She read my sentence to me I quickly slipped into a state of fear, submission and obedience that had my blood pulsing and my heart pounding. I felt intoxicated by an exquisite cocktail of terror and worship. How beautiful She looked. Her curves encased in black silk. I just wanted to kneel at Her feet, and kiss and worship Her bottom cheeks for the rest of eternity.

But the sentence of suffering had to be administered first, and She made me take so much! I really didn’t believe I could go that far and that deeply. But I did, and I felt I went way beyond my concept of sub space into state of submissive, masochistic, obedient ecstasy.

This feeling is still with me days afterwards.

I just read back my words and they seem woefully inadequate. Can I ever describe such feelings and emotions?

All I know is I long to return to the exquisite Mistress V, kneel obediently at Her feet, and humbly beg for more.

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