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A Testimonial – My cocklette sissy

  • February 2, 2021

Well hello all you kinksters, fetishists, who get off with pain, cane, drilled arses, sucked, fucked holes, needles, sewn cunts and cocks, piss and shit, especially when every atom is swallowed.

This is my report on my recent visit to the only mistress goddess worth seeing in the NW of England. I don’t go to London now so speak only for those UP NORTH.

I was 1 hour late!!! But My Lady was there for me, dressed in black lace and looking the most beautiful I have ever seen her. I could take her anywhere and be proud whether as her man or slave for the night.


She took each nipple, pulled, twisted, bit it, and again but harder. AAAAAH the pain. Wonderful. My cocklette surprisingly swelled almost up. She noticed, held and wanked it softly. I dreamed that she would get it rocklike and force me to fuck her, but NO.

Push this butt plug into your arsecunt and get over there. The plug was lightly lubed and was in within 15 seconds. I love to have a tightly stuffed cunt. For me it is a dual purpose hole now, strictly a shit-cunt, and I like it filled with something either coming in or going out.

I was walked around with the plug secure. Then BEND OVER TAKE IT OUT AND FIST OR FINGER FUCK YOURSELF. I did and for the next 30minutes (really 5)m got 3, 4 fingers well in, pulling the rim to get a bigger gape, thumb in briefly, but arm too short for a solo fisting.

Mistress V’s shit is what I go most for. She has brought me from a newbie ‘scatling’ to an eager chewer, melt it down and swallow slut, pig,… whatever foul name you could put on me.

I was then tied to the caning bench; I should say now that I am hooked on deep popper sniffs and was moved from bottle to poppers gas mask. I was spanked, gently which surprised me, then given strap on deep throat and arse cunt thorough deep pounding.

Next I was led to my Lady’s swinging chair. I was thrilled and expectant but I am short and have less agility after hip and leg surgery. I could not get into it. By now I was in deep space with poppers, repeatedly telling my Lady that I am a slut, need to be fucked, drink piss, eat spunk and shit, be beaten . She put me on her medical bed and expertly filled my cock with a No. 12, sound, and was wanking me so beautifully. Needles then scat supper were to follow but we had been at it for 2 hours, so had to smile, pack up, kiss and wish for a filthier session next time. FOR ME THAT WILL BE SOON BECAUSE I LOVE HER AND LOVE BEING RULED BY HER .

Anyone, G or B, M or F wanting to get into this flame red paradise MUST check her site and get there. She is brilliant, beautiful, knows exactly where you are at and where going FROM THE FIRST SESSION.



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