A great session with My slave

  • February 5, 2021

As I hear the key locking the door I order my slave up.
UP you come boy.
Mistress is waiting for you.
We have a brief chit chat over coffee, As soon as I’ve swallowed my last mouth full I order it to my feet .
Clean my heels, and pay extra attention to the hard pieces of skin around the edges, I want you to nibble these with your teeth, pointing at the skin I push his face down, using my riding crop every so often to remind him I’m in charge .
Inspecting My heels I tell it to prepare himself next to the inversion table.
Strapping him in I tilt it enough to tease it with the view
Like what you see slave?
I move around to the front and attach my bucket nipple clamps with another set of clamps that have a silver loop big enough for its balls to go into
Trying to wiggle is impossible slave
Laughing I pull on the clamps, you’re going over my bench next for a jolly good spanking.
It giggles nervously
Once I’d spanked him cheeks glowing I move it up a notch with the whip nothing too heavy as I wanted his punishment to last.
Taking my whip very well I reward this quivering wreck. Get onto my medical bench head over the edge .
Straddling it’s head with one leg up on the bench I can see his red flustered face, open wide. I spill my piss directly into its mouth
Finishing it off with a bit of anal play.
I’ve ordered it to buy some butt plugs so it can train at home, stretching it big enough for my strapons

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