A Testimonial – new experiences

  • August 9, 2020

knock on the door what to expect strip i took my clothes off kneel in the main chamber now then got fitted into a cock cage my first time feels funny but will try it again tied down misstress fucks me with different size dildos then unties me takes me to the medical room and try s a big black dildo but i couldn”t take it sorry next move to the bathroom where i get to drink mistress piss nice move again a very busy two hour slot ten i take sounds what a funny feeling as a treat mistress sits on my face lovely then she puts to bands on my cock and it pulses hen as a treat i got to worship mistress pussy while the pulses get more and more what a great session can”t wait for the next one maybe try weights on my tiny little cock i would recomend any one to could and give it a try and any males i will suck your cock and let you fuck me if that is what it takes so go and see mistress v you will not be disappointed i wasn”t and will now willing try anything she would like me to do with my tiny cock and mucky asrehole roll on my next session maybe a sub to join in can”t wait

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