A Testimonial – bizarre & delicious extremes

  • August 5, 2020

Hi again, you lovers of kink, sex, extremes, depravity, especially devotees of the alluring, talented and commanding Lady V.Stocking, she to whom I am in service for pain, humiliation, and full toilet slavery.

I visited again only 9 days after the last session; dressed in a black pvc look thigh stockings, black high waist skater skirt , black pvc corset, black wig, dark eyes and bright red lips and black low heel court shoes. No mention of knickers as I wore none.

My cocklette and empty balls were safely held in a heavy, stainless steel cage which none of my tiny lace slut knickers can contain. Anyway, no knickers is best for a cock, spunk and mancunt bitch whore as I am.

My lady liked my outfit. No time for pleasantries: straight into nipple tease and twist then to the bum-up bench, legs apart, cocklette and woeful sack in cage all hanging ready to catch the tail of a whip as it curls down my crack, anxious as it is for pain, a pegging and a real cock fuck if a stray sissy were to pass by.( You know: the crack of the whip)

My lady knew that I wanted the stripes of this session to last, red with black bruises, for 6 or more weeks. Hand spank, red cheeks, warmed up, whip, to up the game, then pain. A stray sissy rang, was admitted and came in with a thick long cock sticking out of her black pvc sissy maid body. SUCK IT, said Lady V. And I did , head, undershaft, licking the tender bits under the rim of the head, trying to tongue fuck her pee hole but NO, it would not open.

I could tell that the slut was a novice.A good 15minutes of deep that, head & mouth fucking, twisting the shaft. Nothing but increasing limpness. Glancing at her face under its long haired wig, I saw that she was well poppered, far out in her filthy thoughts so that her cock was not in the physical game.

My lady pegged me to thrill me and open up my cunt to give easy access to the handsome but wilting cock, bareback, so that once the head was in, the cock would follow and swell. Sadly NO. It collapsed into a floppy wrung dishcloth.

Back to sucking. A good cock to suck, tease and hold, 8″ I guess, hit the back of my throat but no hot sticky squirt of thick white slime to wash around my mouth then swallow.

I had taken the final hard strokes. My lady said the marks were deep and would last. So to the medical room; on back, skirt up, legs apart, cunt open to anyone or thing, (but no more given- I was missing the fuck already and still am 9 hours later). Out came the sewing kit. I closed my eyes and subbed away with a lot of help from my friend, the powder snowman. Later I found 2 long thick and heavy needles decorated my right nipple, leaving my left free for me to rub, squeeze…. also My Lady had sewn my sack over my cocklette , at least partly, as the needle was a fish hook type – not the easiest. When I landed I was told that I had a short row of stitches and a few needles into my sackette and bell. It had felt delightful, sinful, extreme, slightly painful, to make me grimace, but liking it and wanting always another stitch, another needle.

Time flies so I was sent to the toilet where I was to replace the porcelain model. My
Lady needed a good shit. Dutifully and delighted I opened my mouth and received a continuous turd that must have been 8 or more “. It broke into 3 pieces, 1 little shittle followed. My Lady squashed the sections onto and into my mouth, filling and stuffing my cheeks. She left me with instructions to eat/ swallow it all. It took some time. I have learned now that best is to work on a small piece, work it into a paste with saliva and suck/swallow the paste: repeat until all gone. I don’t like the taste of shit but I love doing the filthy deed and would like to be fucked and spunked on by a stream of bi sluts as I work through the task.

I would love to prostitute my cocklette, cunt, mouth fists and fingers to all My Lady’s followers.

All those who yearn for these bizarre and delicious extremes should consult with My Lady. If you like the idea you might even meet and use me.

Licks, spit, shit, spunk and all good wishes


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