A Wonderful Mistress

  • May 19, 2020

This was my 5th session with this wonderful woman: domme mistress, yes and able to give acute pain, but a shelter in a critical and often unfriendly world.
At my last session in February my lady introduced me to real cock and ball needle play. I recall, that she put 25 or more in , including 2 into the penis h head: no pain and a sense of pride. This session we were going to progress towards sewing my weeny ( these days) cocklet into my ball sac, But, I had not got and surgical needles, thread and scalpel ( to cut the sewn knots). So next time.

But I progressed through a number of new(to me) games: violet wand around tits, bum, arsehole, inner thighs and cock and balls. I was not expecting it and the shocks were a shock and painful for a micro second. They seem to leave no marks so I recommend them to any slave who cannot carry incriminating evidence back home.

I had started with a new spiked cock restraint, the spikes on the inside so that they pressed painfully and meaningfully into my cock flesh. I loved the pain. I got excited but the restraint limited the ability to provide evidence.

My lady also twisted, pulled and generally caused enjoyable and painful pleasure.

I love NCBT.

I worshipped my lady’s legs, arse and cunt mound but with her knickers and my mask that didn’t drive up the pleasure level.

Then time for punishment. 7 instruments, 1 Tawse, several paddles, different sizes and weights, several canes and of course hand spanking. I am a squealer and I voiced my pleasure and pains at the treatment. I think that my lady did 7 sets each of 15 strokes. Some were pretty heavy and I yelped but, I could have taken more and could have left with a satisfyingly scarred, whealed bum, but it is just glowing red. So, my lady, more strokes. And harder. MARK ME.
AND SO ON TO ARSE EXERCISES. I have my own pyramid dildo/plug . It goes to a 9.5 cm diameter at the bottom !!! Wow, I am at the 3rd from last biggest circle and I love sitting on it the riding it soft, hard, for a good 15 minutes. No fissures . Take time. Lots of lube and care; my arse was trained to bigger than ever before. I aim at double fist and elbow deep or more.

Then the finale. Scat snack. Lie back, open mouth, arse hole pouts and twinkles then opens: a 2.5″ softish but nicely shaped turd followed by 3 or 4 more, but smaller. They tasted creamy and sweet. My lady had eaten sweetly stewed apple and sponge with creamy custard. The best scat I have tasted, chewed and swallowed in my erotic journey.

I left carrying, not wearing, a cock chastity cage and lock which I will try. If I can manage it I will put it on, lock it and post the keys back to my lady. The idea thrills me.

I drove home wearing my lady undies under tracky bottoms and a pully, with a clean pair of size 8 ( oooh, tight) knickers that ride deep into my arse crack. I am alway aware that I wear these very provocative knickers. They keep my cocklet clit tight in place and provoke my arsehole into twinking and letting out a little greasy liquid to let me know that I need to be fucked.

When the lockdown is over I shall be at several swinger clubs on gays bi and a TV, TS sessions ready to be fucked by as many as can do me in a couple of hours,

I love being a slut whore and my lady has brought me to this peak of eroticism.

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