A Testimonial

  • May 12, 2020

This was my first visit to MISS V and I was both excited and very frightened parking was easy off street

I had given MISS V a letter as part of my fantasy role play she fully understood my fantasy and did I suffer over 150 strokes of various instruments of pain I was chained to her whipping bench and after a hand spanking warm up paddles, straps, crops, whips she administered well over 150 strokes my bottom red raw from her punishment sadly she was going to give me 100 of the cane I did try but even without a safe word (I trusted her) I only manged about 10 she, as a good professional dominatrix knew when to slow down and stop

MISS V then placed my micro penis in a spiked frame and tightened it till I begged for mercy she ignored me she then used a crop on my micro penis while still in spiked frame MISS V proceeded to video my micro penis, as well as being severally chastised and humiliated I was asked if I wanted a happy ending but as a good submissive I refused.

MISS V was so happy with me she will allow me to visit at least once per month it is such an honour to become one of her submissive for once in my life I feel wanted …

thank you so much MISS V

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