An awesome 2 hour session of impact play

  • September 8, 2020

My what an awesome 2 hour session of impact play and needleplay.
Ive been sessioning with my sub for quite some time now, his usual session consists of the strap, paddle and single tail whip, as well as needleplay.
But today i’m going to introduce the cane and riding crop for added effect!
Once my sub was showered masked and naked in front of me it was time for the fun to begin 😈
Lightly warming my subs bottom with a spanking along with tickling his balls to get him in the right frame of mind. (subspace)
Moving onto the soft black leather paddle, teasing him every so often with my nails across his buttocks and up his back.
The sounds coming from my subs mouth were an indication that he was slowly going into subspace.
Onto the wooden paddle , a favourite of mine, I love the sound it’s makes on connection.
“Thank you my mistress” A mere whisper.
The cane!!
Well what can I say?
Absolutely fantastic efforts from sub he took 20-25 strokes all with a thank you after each one.
Letting him recover for a few minutes we move into the medical room.
Needleplay another favourite of mine, I love the feel of the needle in my fingers as it pierces the skin.
Making a pretty pattern down the front of his thigh.
Then a few in his balls 😈😈
Once I was happy with my handy work, I remove all the needles before attaching the estim.
All those build up endorphines escape…

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