An awesome 90 minute session

  • November 19, 2020

After a brief chat on the phone the session is booked and i’m on my way to my chambers .

Once there i prepare for the 90 minute session .
With a knock at the door i call my sub up the stairs.
Dangling the rope and gas mask in his face .
Get changed i’m waiting , And mistress doesn’t like to be kept waiting .

Naked and on his knees , Look at me slave !
Stand with your arms at your side legs apart .
I begin to tie him from the chest down to his cock and balls

Once tied he hobbled to the medical bench lie down!
Shaking a bottle of poppers in his face it’s ,time to get high
Putting the gas mask over his head checking with him that the air is flowing freely through the tubes , He nods
I place the bottle in the opening of one of the tubes and with the other hand i cover the other tube
Inhale slave i’ll let you know when you’ve had enough

When he was totally floating i begin to edge him slowly taking my time as i rub his cock and balls .
Every now and then i would insert a finger into his bottom teasing his anus with each tender poke

I can tell his enjoying this purely by the sounds he was making .
I then move on to the estim .
Attaching the loops to his cock i turn it on at a very low setting and return to giving his arse hole a massage

Taking the gas mask of i replace it with another mask , one which fits snug across the nose and face and apply more poppers

Turning the estim up slightly.
I can feel his muscle relax i insert two fingers and begin to finger fuck his arse .
Getting all excited aren’t you ?
Let’s turn it up some more .Edging him to the brink of exploding, i change tactics and pull my fingers from his arse turning the estim down to low again
Cruel aren’t i ?
With that i up the level sticking my fingers back inside and pound his arse until he can no longer hold it .
I want you to beg me to allow you to cum .
Beg !
He didn’t need telling twice .

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